Sunday, July 6, 2008

the beach

WELL...we are just now getting in from at week at the beach with the fam!  It was so so so much fun to experience vacation with Layla--not just the beach, but time with family.  Layla was amazing.  She laughed more than I've ever heard her laugh, she rolled around in the sand, and she had NO fear--I mean NO fear--of the ocean.  I love her adventurous little spirit!  

The car trip was surprisingly easy.  We stopped with my parents at an ice cream/fruit stand that my dad (and now Neil and Layla) loves...and then we stopped for lunch.  Layla slept for about an hour in the car...but was perfectly content while awake.  As soon as we unloaded the car, we all went to get a quick look at the ocean....Layla went she was just overcome with emotion.  She literally squealed with delight when she saw the waves.  It must have been amazing to see the ocean for the first time.  Neil and I could hardly keep our hands on her.  She insisted on running into the ocean all by herself--even after falling face first into the salt water!

And, thanks to my family, she is really into hugging and kissing everyone (she even attempted to hug a group of bikers--complete with tattoos , long hair and leather--while we were out one afternoon).  My aunt finally tried  to explain that we only really hug and kiss people that we know--I'm sure Layla really understood that :-)  She has also started "fussing".  She has this tone in her voice and kind of says "nnaaannnaaannnaaa" over and over, stomps her feet and even sometimes shakes her little head.  Layla's nana (my mom) found it quite comical.  Even a random lady at the beach laughed at her while she fussed about getting more sunscreen applied to her arms and shoulders.  I guess it is pretty funny, although I hide the fact that its funny from Layla otherwise I risk encouraging her-- it definitely beats the tantrums though.

Layla and her older cousin, Bradyn, really got the chance to bond and I was so happy to see them play so well together.  He helped her with her sand buckets and shovels and she helped him plow down his sand castles.  And Layla had a few days of being super attached to my mom and my aunt...I guess because (a) she loves them and (b) they make such a big deal out of her and who doesn't love that kind of attention.

This week at the beach really made me feel so blessed to have such an amazing family--my hubby, my sweet little Layla, my mom, dad, brother sister-in-law, nephew, aunts, uncles and cousins.  

AND and I did run every--EVERY--morning at 5:45am.  We ended up logging about 35 miles for the week.  YAY!

Layla and Neil visiting with the octopus at the Aquarium.  She was hilarious and so much like her daddy.  She hardly enjoyed a single fish tank because she was so anxious to see what was next.  She did, however, enjoy the octopus for a brief moment...

Day one at the beach and she couldn't                    Layla had a strange fascination with the sand--
get enough!  This was one of the rare                        we called it exfoliating...but she rubbed it 
moments that she let someone hold                      everywhere.  Our skin has never been so soft :-)
her hands in the water.

This was on the way down to the beach at the ice cream/fruit stand.  Layla's very FIRST ice cream cone!  


Michelle said...

omg, so cute! i love the little sunglasses and bathing suit!

AnniePat said...

how FUN! i can't wait to take rachel to the beach this year. it is so nice to have family to help, too...almost like a real vacation! love the blue crocs :)

Raising the Rollins' said...

Love the pics...she IS growing up too fast. I can't imagine Levi ever being that size, but I know that all too soon it will be a reality. At least she's growing into a beautiful, kind, and affectionate little girl (and very stylish to boot!)!