Thursday, July 24, 2008

Very Efficient Foot?

I have been searching relentlessly for the past couple of weeks for new running shoes.  I thought there would be lots of commentary out there on shoes, but I really didn't find much by way of "google".  People just don't talk a lot about what running shoes they wear and why.  Are they trying to protect some super secret shoe knowledge?  Whatever!  Why are some people so stinking protective over stuff like that...really?  A shoe can't make up for a lack of training and talent.  Okay--climbing off my soapbox now.  So I have made a mental note to make sure I give a very thorough review of the new shoe that I choose--for anyone who may care?

SO...I decided to go to a specialty running store to talk to someone about shoes.  I showed up without planning on having someone inspect my foot.  Sorry shoe guy..I was running barefoot  through the wet yard with Layla this morning and didn't wash my feet afterwards...gross!  Oh well.  But I found out that I do have a "very efficient foot".  Which means that the shape of my foot and my stride serve their purpose very well.  He drew some lines on my foot and had me sit, stand and walk.  Layla found the whole show very interesting.  She's really into pens right now and she's learning not to write on herself or on furniture--only on paper--so imagine her pure delight when some strange man started writing on mommy's foot.  I think I actually heard a giggle out of her, so I know she was amused.  We'll see if she remembers all of that this afternoon when she requests her pens and paper.

The shoe guy recommended two shoes for my "very efficient foot".  I'm just going to say that over and over, btw.  God blessed me with a very efficient foot--I'm pretty stinking grateful for that.  Just think, I would have never been able to really thank God specifically for my foot if I hadn't started running.  As a side note...for those of you who have asked me why I'm running like I am, here is part of the reason.  Running makes me feel reminds me daily how fearfully and wonderfully made I am--especially my "very efficient foot".  

Despite the shoe guy's very pricey recommendations, I am opting for a shoe that is known for its performance--and definitely not its aesthetics.  I'm looking forward to trying it out and letting you all know what I think--for anyone who cares.  Here's a hot pic of my new shoe.  And the girlie girl in me (which is a pretty small part of me) thought the red in the shoe would go nicely with the new red and white polka dot running skirt I've picked out.  HA!

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Natasha said...

You crack me up!! I can actually visualize you and the shoe guy examining your foot while your curious Layla bean takes it all in. We will never know what was going through her mind??? So...I expect a thorough shoe review over the next few weeks because I could use a shoes have almost reached their maximum mileage.