Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gu...chocolate milk...and tomato sandwiches--mmm mm good and I did the same run this week that we did last.  Apparently from about 12-18 miles stand the hardest runs.  Up to 12 was easy..and dad promises that after 18 is the we are working up to 18 at a rate that seems SO SLOW to me.  I sure am glad I have my dad training me or I'd be out there working myself to injury!  Next week we'll run 15 or so miles so I'm looking forward to that...really!

I am really starting to see progress and its crazy to see that in only one week's time.  Like I said earlier, dad and I ran the exact same course today that we did last Saturday and I felt great.  My legs felt strong and my form NEVER suffered--in fact, I don't recall ever feeling tired.  I think I could have kept going, which is the way you should end a long run (as opposed to feeling like you lungs or legs or heart are ready to die).  So today was great...including--YES--the hill!  I started looking at the hill like an enemy today--ready to conquer it, but dad advised I look at the hill like I'm visiting an old friend...hilarous..but it worked.  I actually got kind of amped up about seeing the hill on the horizon.

Okay--so what was different about today than last week
(1) the weather was not so hot--it was actually kind of cloudy, which was nice
(2) I was better prepared physically--I was well rested--no 8 mile run prior to my long run
(3) I was mentally prepared--loving my good friend, Hill :-)
(4) Gu..GU GU was yuck-o...warm and thick and sugary sweet...but it worked wonders
(5) Recovered post run with a nice cold glass of chocolate milk (WHOLE milk..chocolate milk).

SO today was a day I thought I'd never see--especially if you would have asked me about it three months ago!  I ran with my dad for just over two hours, I drank 110 calories of unenjoyable CARBS ( I know!) and I drank whole chocolate milk.  Crazy...good crazy, but still...crazy!

Tomorrow morning I'll wake up to greet my recovery run.  I really look forward to those runs because I can take good inventory of my body--how I feel, how to work on my form...all that good stuff.

OKAY--so totally off topic...
Layla had her first tomato sandwich today...what a southern lady!  She loved it...and still asked for more tomato...her aunt Chi will be so proud :-)  AND we had our first lake trip yesterday.  Layla LOVED it...she even rode around on a tube with Papa (going very VERY very slow).  She has NO fear--mommy on the other hand..has lots of fear.  I'll post some pictures from the lake in the next couple of days, but for's Layla and her tomato sandwich.  I love her...OH MY GOODNESS I love her to pieces!  Seeing the picture makes me want to go wake her up from her little nap and kiss all over her.  


Michelle said...

so you tried the chocolate milk recovery drink! :) yum. You need those calories if you're going to be running 15 miles, girl! cute pic too! oh, and I know some people use honey during runs. check these out:

not sure how they taste... or these made with no artificial or added sugars,10082,10047&AMI=10103&uir=product.category,NUTRI,Sport%20Drinks%2C%20Gels%2C%20%26%20Fuels

Michelle said...

mmm... here's that hammer gel link again, it's long and I had to use some hard returns to fit it in:

Lindsey Broere said...

thanks Michelle...that honey thing sounds interesting..I'll check em out and let you know what I think.

PS-I have a goal of running in the Paris International Marathon one day...wanna come..I'll need a running buddy :-)

The Beaver Bunch said...

Wow, I get winded going upstairs. Maybe one day, you can tell me WHY you run, and I'll find some motivation.

Love the pic of Layla. Oh, and I've yet to try the fruit fly thing, but will do, b/c they are OUT OF CONTROL!

Natasha said...

Great job Linds!! You are doing GREAT!! Way to conquer that hill!! When I increase my mileage to 7 or 8 miles, I'll have to try the gu stuff...or maybe the honey...I'll let you have the pleasure of trying it all and then let me know what works/tastes the best. I trust your opinion. :) Cute picture of Layla bean...your southern lady is a beauty as she studies that YUMMY tomato. :)

Anonymous said...

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