Friday, July 11, 2008

rest and recovery

YAY for my day off of hitting the pavement.  I feel like I worked really hard this legs finally feel like they've worked hard this week as well.  I added one "medium" 8 mile run to my schedule this week, which I completed last night.  HA and there was an Alive After 5 festival going on downtown so you can bet my pace was a little faster than normal (had to impress all the people who don't even know me...probably didn't even notice me...and if they did, could care less).  I didn't check with my trainer (sorry dad) about adding the 8 mile run during the week, but I felt ready to do it??

Dad and I are running 12-14 miles on Saturday--knowing my dad it will be closer to the 14 end of things--and are going to start picking up some hill training next week.  YIKES!  I really want to REALLY REALLY want to qualify for Boston at the Charlotte marathon in December--but we'll see.  All I have to say is THANK GOD for the Kenyans, who are anatomically predispositioned to win WIN every Boston marathon in record time, because otherwise I'd be busting my rear thinking I could win the stinkin marathon -maybe not this year but give me a few (yeah...that's a little tiny glimpse into how my mind works--no impossibilities here folks).  At any rate, I think I am going to add a Saturday blog that documents what I learn from dad--about running and life--because I always ALWAYS take home some nice bits-o-info.  FUN!

Okay and I couldn't resist this...two more pictures--the first one, my dad took at the beach and the second one, I took of Layla (did I already mentioned how she LOVES pigs?) and her new friend Prissy the Pig.  I still can't believe how big Layla has gotten--


Natasha said...

Yes, Linds, your body needs a rest. It will thank you tomorrow when it's capable and ready to run those 14 miles...WOW!! You are doing great. Have a great day off and a wonderful run tomorrow. I can't wait to read your blog to see what you learned from dad. Natasha

Raising the Rollins' said...

Layla is so precious! I love that picture!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey!! Layla is beautiful!! I think she looks like her Mommy!!

Hope all is well!!