Monday, November 23, 2009

Still hanging in there

So, no baby yet :-) I seriously believe that those peeps at the doctor's office were WAY wrong in moving my due date from Dec 2nd to November 20th. I just don't feel anything...but we'll see.

Just a quick little top three that I'd like to share with all my pregnant and non-pregnant buddies out three things mommies to be DO NOT want to hear once we reach the 35 week mark...ready? Okay.

(1) You're still here?
(2) When are you going to have that baby?
(3) My gosh, you look like you're ready to pop (thankfully--haven't ever had this said to me, but it just sounds harsh)

I think the most common thing I hear is the first..."you're still here???" UGH...isn't there an obvious answer to that question? The lady at my local grocery store asks me that EVERY TIME I go in--so I've started going when she's not working and I've even avoided that store because its so annoying. I mean, how many times can I gracefully say, "yep, still here--guess the little one isn't ready to meet us just yet".

Whew. Okay. I feel better now :-) Feel free to add to my list, should you feel like venting just a little. I think there is just something about being pregnant that makes us targets for TONS of unsolicited advice and random tummy rubs from people.

You guys have a great rainy Monday...I'm off to do everything they say do to bring on labor. Clearly running does not help. Hot chili sauce and eggs for breakfast?? Yummy :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Preggo Pictures--Doctor's Appointment and Hot Pics

WELL, dad and I finally made a point of doing a maternity session :-) Bless his heart, he had his work cut out for him--I didn't want to do the cheesy smiling at my belly pictures so most of them were kind of pensive--but my pensive face doesn't lend itself to photography. Dad wore himself OUT telling me to stop scowling...combine that with my not-so-huge belly and it was an interesting afternoon. Dad did great...I'm always so proud and blown away every time I have the opportunity to watch him behind the camera.

SO...this is one that dad shot in film with his new lens...would you believe this had NO photoshop done to it...he's pretty incredible, that dad of mine :-) Its not on his blog/website so I thought I'd add it here because
wow...FILM is so beautiful.

SO stop by their blog to see the pictures and his sweet little write up--it just makes my heart swell when I think of how blessed I am to be loved by my daddy SO much--and he just makes me so darn proud to be his little girl! Okay...enough of that or I'm going to become a teary eyed pregnant woman which isn't pretty :-) Here's the url...check it out when you can and enjoy...

I had my 38 week appointment today...WOW its going by so so so fast! I thought I would go early, but now I'm wondering. I've read a lot of new medical studies that have come out over the past several months regarding pregnant women who exercise strenuously during each trimester. Oddly enough, because a body is so good at adapting to demands, pregnant women who exercise, in particular run, are far less likely to deliver a pre-term baby...who'd a thunk? Not me.

Anyway--like most of my pregnant buddies, my belly measured small today--34 cm instead of 38. So the doctor wanted me to have another ultrasound--SWEET! I knew (and he did too) that everything was fine--it was just a precautionary measure. He said he thought it was because Adalei has dropped and because I just carry small babies (thank you Lord for that blessing)...but its standard procedure to recommend an ultrasound and most mommies don't mind. SO I scheduled it for later in the afternoon so that my hubby could come too...and boy were we given a treat...

The sonographer was so sweet--she spent lots of time showing us everything from her brain to her kidneys and even her little lungs practicing for the big day--and her feet, lodged up in my rib cage. Best of all, she treated us to a 4D or 3D--not really sure--ultrasound. It was INCREDIBLE!

Here are some pictures from the ultrasound. They make me CRAZY wanting to hurry up and hold her and kiss that sweet little mouth. I almost melted when I saw it...GAH baby mouths are so flipping sweet! she is in all her smushed up beauty. Poor thing is so low that it was very hard to get a good picture without something being in the way--namely my bladder and her hand.

Look at her sweet little mouth..her eyes are covered by a shadow, but the lower right side is her little nose and her mouth...yeah, I'm definitely going to drive her CRAZY kissing that little mouth!