Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black Daffodil

Good morning blog-o-sphere.  I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately...I have been in such a weird funk.  I feel like I've been injected with 40ccs of tryptophan.  Running has been sort of blah.  My desire to dig into projects around the house has been blah...trying to get a new business off the ground and running feels like I'm banging my head against the wall.  Do I have any company out there??  Maybe its the yucky news we're being fed about the economy.  Or it could just be that my chi is broken...HA!  Or that I argued nationalized health care with a student in class and she hasn't been back since (at my defense, she stated that we were the only county without nationalized health care and I had no choice but correct her).  At any rate, a nice little run with dad yesterday was just what I needed to help me come back to center.

I showed up at the track to do speed work..and as soon as dad said, "lets go".  I was shocked to hear myself tell him that I wasn't up to speed work.  I needed a nice little "thinking run" at the track where all I had to think about was "left, right, left breathe, right, blink, left, right...".  It was so nice.  Dad let me violate our "no complaining until after the first mile" rule which was very gracious of him.  He listened to me vent about wanting to step in and take the bull by its horns with some things...and then reminded me of the importance of finding my OWN vision and how to apply it.  Apparently that's much more important than stressing over a business card---who knew :-)  Dad is so easy going...he's so calm, so deliberate and thoughtful.  These are attributes that I admire in my dad...and ones that didn't really get passed on to me.  I like order...I like predictability...I love progress that is tangible so I tend to put pressure on small things (ie-business cards).  I saw yesterday why dad and I work so well together.  I am convinced that we could win Amazing Race...hum....what's that prize package worth again?

So, before I go any further....
Please check out my new blog:

I'll still be posting on this blog all my personal things, but check out Black Daffodil Films for my creative projects.  My hope is over then next few months, I'll be able to piggyback a non-profit onto Black Daffodil--one that involves two of my passions, running AND film!  YAY!  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Running Buddies--the funky face--and happy birthday

They are the best there are...for sure!  A good running buddy is probably the most dependable friend in the universe.  A good running buddy is someone you open up to about things you hardly tell a soul--after only 10 miles.  A good running buddy is someone that I have come to appreciate more and more over the past few months.

My dad was first diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.  He was given a dose of antibiotics that weaken his tendons (WHAT???) and with the fluid in his lungs and whatnot, was advised not to run (double WHAT???).  Fortunately, my running buddy Toddy enjoyed the first part of my long run with me and we had a blast.  I feel like after that nice long run, we've been re-acquainted to the point we where when we sat in the East Davidson hallways and made up cheers instead of completing our English assignments.  I don't get to a level with someone when you are running that goes a little further than the dinners and lunches we all try to have to keep up with each other.  So this weekend should be another fun one as Tiff is joining Toddy and I for 8 beautiful miles.  That's right...we are missing one little person (HINT HINT).  If you know this person, please encourage her to join us sometime :-)

SO on Monday, dad got a call from his doctor telling him that he didn't have pneumonia, just a really bad respiratory virus.   BUT since he was on such a crazy antibiotic, he really shouldn't run hard until his finished with his meds.   Okay--well, yesterday was speed work at the track and I was DREADING running all those repeats--ALONE.   Dad called yesterday morning and said his long time and my semi-new running buddy Jerry would meet me at the track and run with me.  I was kind of nervous because track work with a partner takes some degree of trust and communication.  After the first warm up mile, my mind was more than put at ease.  Jerry is a stinkin maniac when it comes to timing repeats.  He shouted out our times every 100 meters.   And during our cool down miles, we actually talked about things beyond the weather and my dad.  We talked about me staying at home with Layla...we talked about his kiddos.  It was nice.  Hey, and anyone crazy enough to run repeats at the track to help out a friend is the BEST RUNNING BUDDY ever in my book.  And I should note, he once ran a 16 mile run--just for fun-- with dad and I while one arm was mobilized after having shoulder surgery.  Man's a manic I tell you...

So our speed work was as follows
1 mile warm up at 9 minutes a mile
4 x 1200 @ 1:45 (our average ended up being 1:40)
1 mile cool down at 8:45 a mile

As and FYI, I think Layla was inspired by Anna's posting of Rachel's morning serenade.  We've watched it more times than I can count.  She woke up this morning and asked to see Rachel sing ABCs before she even thought of breakfast or milk.  So I asked her if she'd like to sing on tape...she was so excited to lay down her hottest track.  Its a song that's probably familiar to many of you...but I believe her rendition to be in my all time top 10.  See for yourself....

FINALLY and more importantly, Layla's funky face has finally been caught on tape.  Neil taught Layla this  face when a good funky beat comes on the radio.  Its hilarious.  So here you go...funky face with a nice pink boa.  Does it get any better?  And can I just say that her favorite funky song is Pusher Man...yeah...not mommy's favorite choice in lyrics.  She actually asked for Neil to put her down for bed the other day and wanted him to sing Pusher Man as a lullaby.  HA...imagine trying to G rate that song for your two year old.  I guess it'll make for a really funny story one day :-)  We joke that it'll be her first dance song with Neil in the VERY VERY VERY distant future...

Untitled from dillon james on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Layla 2.0

Layla turns TWO tomorrow.  I stare at her and can't believe how quickly and slowly time has passed.  It seems like a lifetime ago that we brought her home from the hospital feeling completely overwhelmed and clueless.  I was honestly afraid that I'd break her.  Had my mother not been around, I probably would have left her in the same little one piece outfit that the nurse at the hospital helped me put on her for the first week.  But then, it seems like a blink ago that we were wondering if she'd ever learn to pick her paci up by herself and put it in her mouth or what it would feel like to hear her say "mommy".

I had no idea when we looked at her for the first time, who Layla would become to me.  I didn't know that she'd have such a compassionate heart...that she'd have her daddy's smile--you know, the kind that lights up a room...that she'd have such a sweet disposition...that she'd be so independent but so obedient...that she could speak volumes with only her eyes.  I had no idea that the way her little cheeks move when she says "two" and "you" could melt my heart...I had no idea that dancing to the Wiggles CD could be so much fun and that I'd fall in love with Neil all over again each time he changed a yucky diaper.  I didn't know how wonderfully vulnerable motherhood would make me...I didn't know that after two years, I'd still be questioning and evaluating my parenting EVERYDAY.

I'm blessed beyond belief.  

I hope to post a video that Neil put together of her second year...hopefully tomorrow. For now, here's a picture that my dad took at her little birthday party (I wish I could take credit for the super cute picture :-) but it all goes to dad on this one).  

At her request, mom and I made 36 cupcakes all decorated like Princess Lillifee's cupcakes.  You can tell from the picture that she was totally focused on her cupcakes.  I still have pink food coloring in my finger nails.  Its the second year mom and I have enjoyed time together making sure Layla's cake is SUPER special.  I love seeing the finished product as much as I love spending that time with my mom.  She's superwoman when it comes to decorating cakes for sure!

Friday, February 6, 2009

blah blah blah I'm here...but I got nothin...NOTHIN.  I've been walking around my house and my neighborhood looking for something blog worthy.  I'm sure I'm missing something...or my brain went on a brief hiatus from blogging.  Its probably the latter.  

Anyway, I'll just put up some hot pics for now :-)
Rest assured that next week is going to hold the BEST POST EVER.  I know...its going to top all the other seemingly boring posts up to this point!  Hard to believe, huh?  HA...

Layla and I made cupTAPES the other day and she insisted on her apron when we delivered our first batch to daddy's workshop.