Friday, June 27, 2008

Running update

Whew..feels like forever since I've written an update on my running progress.  I am having so much fun (YES-I just called running fun).  I am now up to about 40 miles a week--between 40 and 35 miles.  I've started running on Thursday evenings with one of my best friends from high school and it is so amazing to be able to finally catch up with her.  I feel like we cover things on our little 40 minute runs that we wouldn't ordinarily be able to talk about.  SO we get our "girl talk" fix...sometimes we talk God...sometimes we talk family...sometimes we talk running...sometimes we take turns bragging about our husbands...and sometimes we try to laugh (laughing and running isn't easy..especially if you know us and know how graceful we both are-HA).  

So between my Saturday runs with my dad, my Thursday runs with my girlfriend, and my every other day of the week runs with "me", I am really REALLY enjoying my time spent running.  OH an dad and I logged 10 miles last Saturday.  YAY.  I am so proud.    Now if I can just figure out how on earth to stay well nourished with all this running, then I'll be good to go.  I am thinking of investing in some sort of protein drink supplement thing...I think.  So if anyone has any advice on this...I welcome it :-)

WELL...Neil is home from work and I am off to get my 5 miles in for today so I can spend time with my hubby tonight :-)


Michelle said...

for post-workout, i just use whey protein powder mixed (dymatize chocolate) with greens+ and some l-glutamine, but if you're looking for something more done-up, you could try Surge (by Biotest). it's researched to be the ideal protein/carb ratio for muscle recovery. Except in all honesty, chocolate milk has the right ratio too and it's real cheap. ICE brand BCAA's are good too if you are not wanting to add any calories. or there are MRP's like MetRX or EAS Myoplex that have good protein/carbs ratios.

if you are talking about during the runs, I can't much help you there, I just know you need to experiment with some different gels (like Gu) or similar so you can figure out what doesn't upset your tummy - check out your local running store!

Lindsey Broere said...

thanks michelle...looks like i need to make a trip to GNC :-)

Legally Blonde said...

Hey sweet girl! Yea, I feel like I'm falling apart. I did however figure out that a lot of this stuff is stemming from my eyes. New glasses for this girl. I'm on the drink-vitamins....not too shabby. Thanks! The exam is July 28,29 & 30. What a way to spend my 28th birthday, ey? Up to 40 miles a day?! That is so great! I wish I could commit to an exercise regime like that. I live for August 1st, it will give me a chance to get my body back in order, because let's face it - IT NEEDS IT! Layla is getting so big...she's perfect Linds! Just perfect. Hope you're having a great week thus far.

min-min said...

i love your running updates---so inspiring chica...i missed ya stopping by Monkeez Brew this Saturday. i look forward to them! Good luck in your training, i'm so excited for you! Oh yeah, regarding the Whole Foods "date", you're on! i'm in Winston tomorrow (Barb appt. at 3) if you can swing that. Otherwise, i'm there Thursday as well. Let me know, i'm thinking SUSHI! Love ya-