Monday, January 26, 2009

What was I thinking

I figured out why Layla was so full of herself last week.   She was a day away from a yucky cold--complete with a fever and a very yucky cough.  She was pitiful.  I cried twice just looking at her sad little face.  

That sad little face has a tendency to wipe her little runny nose on my nose.  Don't ask me why...she's done that since her very first runny nose.  Strange?  The stranger thing is that I kind of think its sweet.  Its a death sentence for me...within hours, I'm enjoying the same cold, fever and cough.  So on Saturday, Layla and I watched The Tigger Movie and the Veggie Tales almost all day while Neil was away taking a class.  She never watches TV, so it was partially a treat.  For about 30 minutes, she was excited and still.  After 30 minutes, she was bored out of her mind.  At one point on Saturday, we both looked at each other in between coughs and just sighed.  I wanted to cry, but Layla said, "no mommy, Layla cry".  Apparently only one of us were allowed to cry at a time.   We needed our daddy...when he came home at 5:30, we were both rotten.  Poor thing (Neil).  

Needless to say, I didn't get in a long run on Saturday.  Originally, I was thinking that no matter how bad I felt, that I'd still run because it would be at least two hours of peace and quiet.  I think that makes me a selfish masochist.  Does it?  I didn't get a long run on Sunday either.  SO today I was bent on running.  Can I just say that I coughed, while running, until I wet my pants--multiple times.  I'm thinking about making a running Depends for moms with weak bladder control muscles.  I don't really want to hear about Kegel exercises because they don't work.  Unbelievable my stinking bladder problems.  

As a side note, I've committed to running a 5K at the end of February in Chapel Hill.  I'm going to attempt a PR and going for 21-20 minute finish time.  That's a sub 7 minute mile...I think I can do it pretty easy?  Dad and I are starting on Wednesday with those wonderful hill repeats.  Then next week, we'll be doing them twice a week.  After 5 sessions, we'll be heading to the track for me to continue to wet myself--I mean, do speed work.  I'm excited...I love a challenge and I'm excited for something different. now I'll be held accountable for my fast 5K :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dats ugly

BOY was Layla in a bossy/wild mood yesterday.  She bossed her babies around and attempted to boss mommy around.  Okay, so by the end of the day, I sort of gave in.  I was worn was a hard battle with an almost 2 year old.  Not only was she bossy, but she was like...borrowing here from my dad..."a bull in a china shop".  Does snow make little ones wild or something?  She was the kind of wild where you can see it in her eyes.  

SO...last night's conversation with Layla went something like this.  My clown routine was worn patience (and I kind of consider patience my strong suit) was dwindling....when I heard...

Layla:  Mommy...mommy...mommy...MAMOOO....mommmYYYY...mommy....oh mommy 

**Note:  still one of the sweetest things I hear all day...for the most part :-)

Mommy (yelling over the running water in the bathroom) :  Just a sec, baby. 

Layla:  Mommy....mommy...MAMMOO...need you mommy

Mommy (walking in to her room, slightly exasperated):  yes, baby.

Layla:  Oh mommy....dats ugly.  Dats ugly mommy.

Mommy:  Mommy's being ugly???

Layla:  'yes, baby' dats ugly I guess my tone was not desirable for her?  I thanked her for bringing it to my attention and then hugged her and told her I was sorry.  She proceeded to hit all of her stuffed animals...then look at me and say, "dats ugly, right der".   She's funny.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The baby saga continues....

We had a neighborhood happy hour/play date this afternoon.  Layla and I were the first to arrive.  I chatted with the mom who was hosting as Layla made her way to the play room.  It only took her five minutes to dig a tiny little (and apparently neglected) baby from the bottom of a toy basket.  She got a concerned look on her face, as I heard her saying "poor baby"...she cuddled and kissed the baby...and said, "there, all better".  For the remaining hour and a half we were there, she refused to give up that little baby.  Whatever Layla did, the baby did.  

I realized after watching Layla and her new baby, that it was going to be a challenge to get her out of the house with just the items we brought with us.  I prepped her for our departure, telling her she needed to put away the toys she was playing with and give her babies (at this point she had three babies in her arms) bye kisses.  I walked in the other room to grab my coat...on the way back I could hear a familiar little voice doing the most pitiful little cry I've ever heard.  I walked in the room to find Layla alone...with the new baby...rocking her and crying.  It was so COMPLETELY pitiful.  I picked her up and she said, "peas come with me?".  The "owner" of the baby said "YES...please take the baby, she doesn't get any attention here".  

SO home we went, with another baby.  I kind of thought Layla would put her down and I could return the baby tonight...nope.  Baby Abby is sleeping in Layla's crib as I write this post.  Layla fed her dinner, brushed her teeth...and loved on her all night.  She loved on that little baby like I've never seen her do with anything.

Do you think she thought the baby wasn't being loved?  That's all I could figure.  I have never never never seen her act like that with a little baby doll.  

She's a sweet one...that little Layla An.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seasonal Outlook

She has so many new phrases...and her little personality is showing in some very interesting ways.  Can I just say that she isn't a whiner? YAY!  I don't think I could deal with a whiny little girl...She's pretty explicit when she wants or doesn't want something and kind of bypasses the whining and goes straight to a strong "No" or "move, please".  I love that she's assertive.  I hope she stays that way.  

So my favorite phrase this week...
We were at my grandmothers for our normal Monday lunch and my grandma was complaining about her knees to Layla.  Layla looked at her with knitted eyebrows--like she felt my grandmother's pain and said, "Bless your heart"...HA!  I nearly fell over.

School: has started back for me.  I have a full class this semester--28 students.  Interestingly enough, 8 of those students are somewhere between the ages of 40 and 72.  CRAZY.  They are all back in school for the first time in years because of unemployment.  I have never seen such an interesting demographic shift since I started teaching.  I'm thrilled and excited to hear each persons' unique input--from my two veterans to my fellas with multiple (and painful looking) facial piercings.  Should be a fun semester??  Now back to putting on my bi-partisan mask...HA HA!

Finally...I have decided to opt out of the United Healthcare Marathon in May.  It was supposed to be a Boston Qualifier, but they have moved the race from Greensboro to High Point.  There were several factors that played into my decision (1) I hate changes like that...they freak my freak a little (2) I don't know at this stage of the game that they will be able to get certified in time to be a BQ race--and I'm not paying $80 to  just run 26.2 miles around High Point. (3) I kind of like the idea of playing around with my running...doing some 10K and half-marathon speed work (4) I really want to run the Marine Corps with dad in October...its a BQ marathon.

SO--decision made.  I'm running the Marine Corps in October to qualify for Boston.  Between now and early summer, when I'll start gearing up for October, I'm playing around with some two a day runs during the week (because I can afford to take some risks) some fun hill workouts (HELLO Caraway Mountain)...and play with speed work (ie-wetting myself) at the track.  I think I may do the United Healthcare half marathon and just see how fast I can do it?  We'll see.

Boy its going to be a fun winter and spring.  I have a new runner on my best friend Tiffanie is starting her running career this week...YAY!  She's training for a 10K in March...and she's going to be great!  Maybe she'll start a blog so we can all keep up with her successes...HINT HINT :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jack Frost

My toe is frost bitten.  Strange?  My toes FREEZE--literally, apparently--when I run...sometimes they stay numb for the first two miles.  Not a good thing, I guess.  Its my third toe on my left foot...its all red and funny looking.  When I get a slight chill in my feet, it starts to cramp.  Layla thinks its hilarious.

Sort of funny...sort of not funny.

Anyway...just thought I'd share.  If anyone reading my blogs about wetting my pants, throwing up, and frost bite would still love to join me on some runs...please do so. I really think self mutilation only occurs in those of us who are too stubborn to stop or slow down :-)

On a side note...Layla has had ZERO wet diapers and ZERO yucky diapers today.  She's used the big girl potty three times.  Here's a picture of her enjoying a little reward....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mommy knows best

I know...I know...I know...two posts in two days.  Does that violate some sort of blogging code?

Anyway, this was too great to pass up and I'm trying to use this blog to keep up with Layla's latest and greatest antics. goes.

Layla received TONS of babies for Christmas.  I have honestly never seen a child love on babies as much as she does.  They each get special treatment...each gets pushed in a stroller, burped, new diapers, and dinner.  Some get their hair brushed and some have their nummies (ie-pacis) during nap time.  Though each baby is different, they are all baby dolls whose clothes have been neatly removed so they all have the same little white bodies.  Tonight as I took Layla upstairs to put on PJs and read her books, I realized that all but two of her babies were downstairs.  She really should be fine with two babies..there was no need to worry about the other three, right?  Not so much.  She first asked for Baby I was halfway down the steps I heard her yell, "two babies mommy...TWO BABIES".  So I grabbed the second baby.  I handed them two her...she inspected each.

I knew what she was looking for..she was missing just one baby.  Maybe she'd be fine.  She looked them all over and glanced up at me.  She asked for Baby Zoe.  I picked up one baby, thinking it was Baby Zoe...they had the same mouth, I thought.  She said, "no mommy...need Baby Zoe...sleepy".  I assumed at that point she was afraid Baby Zoe was sleepy and didn't have a crib.  Sooooooo I ran downstairs, grabbed the last baby and she was WAS baby Zoe.

Layla tucked each one in their crib...gave them all kisses...folded her hands and said, "thank you Lord...amen".  Smiled at her sleeping babies and walked over to me.

I guess a mommy knows her babies..all five of them.  And she was not willing to rest until each baby was safe in her crib.  So sweet!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Really should move

How does this happen?  Layla is talking in full sentences...within the past week she has become quite the chatty Kathy.  She's worked her way through half of her ABCs...I had no clue she was picking up on my singing them 2-3 times a day, but three days ago she randomly started singing "A B C...HIJK....LMMMMNNNOP....XTUV...Z" .  I was so proud while she was sort of unimpressed, like she's known them for weeks but just now let it out.

So here are two cute little "learning to talk" Layla stories.  Yesterday she was talking to her "buddy"--some imaginary friend she has--while I was settling her down before her nap.  I looked down at her to ask her what she was talking about, when she asked me to "move you face peeaass".  I couldn't help but giggle--clearly, I was in her way.  Then she said (very matter-of-factly), "really should moovvee, mommy".  HA!  I felt like I was hearing myself.  I tell her quite frequently that she "really should" do something (ie-put her shoes on, eat her green beans, etc).

Last night, as we were saying her prayers...I kind of went off on a tangent like I sometimes do during my own prayer time.  We were thanking God for daddy and his strong hands and hard work, when I started praying for his business endeavors.  I felt Layla's body move...I cracked my eyes open and she was looking at me with this blank look on her face.  I think I must have been talking "big girl" talk.  She quietly said, ", mommy (long pause)....Amen".  

Toddler talk is so sweet.  Please tell me she'll talk like this forever.  OH...Go to Neil's blog and check out her dance moves...the kid has some talent :-)

I realize I haven't even really mentioned running in weeks.  Dad and I haven't picked up our training for May yet.  We're still kind of running easy--sort of.  Last week, I logged about 45 miles...and we're still running our long runs and easy runs at an average 8:30 pace--which is a really fun change.  Its actually much easier for me to keep that pace than a slower one?  Strange?  I guess its just different muscle groups.

Our long run yesterday was quite nice.  We used my Garmin, which allowed us to run an entirely new route without any planning.  We kind of took the turns at the last minute, but kept an eye on our mileage via the Garmin.  It was so nice to mix it up a little and get off our normal path.  Even our conversations yesterday seemed refreshed and different.  

One of the things we talked about yesterday was our New Year's day run.  I started out on that run with sort of a quiet expectation that it would be, at the least, slightly enlightening--because its New Year's and that's what happens, right?   But, as I was running...I started thinking about my to-do shopping...the mundane.  I got back to the house and realized that my 5 miles on New Year's day wasn't much more than a normal little run.  Dad experienced something similar.  We agreed that that feeling or normalcy after a run made that run extraordinary.  Dad said its because running is what "we do" (which kind of made me called the day after the marathon and asked if I wanted to go out and "do what we do"--meaning RUN--and we did but it wasn't pretty).  We run--not because of a resolution or because the idea of running sounds nice...we run because we have to.  How amazing is it that we do something so great for our bodies and our minds...and its just normal for us--like eating and sleeping.  SO..I'm going to enjoy more mundane runs this year...little 5-7 mile runs with  no lofty expectations...just the sound of my feet hitting the pavement and my voice going over all my to-do lists and Layla's little voice telling me that I "really should move"  :-)