Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost success and first dates

What a great day we've had so far.  Layla and I started off with an "almost success" this morning...depending on how you look at the situation.  Some may think its a complete failure..but I, on the other hand, think we are making some real progress :-)  Layla ALMOST made her potty this morning.  She actually pooped beside the potty on the floor (sans diaper--YIKES) and she probably would have made it onto the potty if mommy had been paying close attention to her and not the stuffed animals scattered all over the floor--oops.  She then proceeded to step into the poop and then slip. DOUBLE YIKES.  After all was said and done, we had it everywhere...so I just put us both in the tub--nothing some Johnson & Johnson can't talk off our skin, right?  And the clothes went under some severe Spray and  Wash treatment...while the carpet got some super duper stain fighting carpet cleaner treatment and finally the bath tub was scrubbed with some Comet...good times.  I think Layla found the whole incident quite funny as I encouraged her to try to get even closer next time..HA!

After we were all clean, Layla and I decided it would be best to dry off while walking uptown to visit some pigs.  We took 4 of the pigs some water and stopped at the market to get fresh tomatoes and blueberries (which were half gone by the time we got back home--I think mommy spit is sufficient enough to clean blueberries--right??).  

We arrived back home in time to greet Beth and Levi :-)  Beth is one of my best friends in the world and Levi is her way too adorable little boy.  Today was Layla and Levi's first real play date.  I was really impressed with how gentle she was with him.  And he never stopped smiling...I don't think I've ever seen such a happy little boy!  

Of course, Beth and I had to get our mommy cameras out and take a couple of pictures that will probably one day embarrass both of them SO much :-)


Raising the Rollins' said...

Yea! What a cute couple...Levi is pretty popular with the older chicks! Layla was super sweet today and wanted to Levi to do everything she was doing...she's so much fun to play with. I hope she had a good nap...thank Neil again for changing my tire in his slacks (he's a keeper Linds!). Love ya'll and thanks again for the invite. We should definitely do this again, without the flat tire!

Natasha said...

Flat tire? That sounds like an interesting blog Beth??? Super cute play date!! Those pictures are definitely keepers. I'm seeing a future yearbook picture. :) Linds...thanks for sharing your day...you are right...it was a great one. :)

AnniePat said...

awwww what cutie pies!

Michelle said...

haha! i had to chuckle about the antics with the poop.