Friday, August 13, 2010

Its not you...its me...its just...

we've grown apart.

If this blog were a relationship...I'd say its pretty much clear that its over. I posting in weeks...and I haven't even missed it. In fact, I can say, with pretty much every fiber of my being, that at least for the next little while, its going to feel really good to shed this blog thing. You hear that little more. We are done. Plus, I've found another blog that I like a little better (way less demanding) and I'm going to start seeing least twice a month (see below).

Guys...I just can't keep up. Training for this marathon is tough with two girls. There are few days where I have any downtime and on those days, the last thing I care to do is blog. In fact...I feel bad about sitting down and resting. Normally those free moments are spent tweezing my eyebrows...making grocery lists...studying photography and cleaning up all of Layla stray fancy accessories that inevitably end up in my crawling 8 month old's mouth.

WHICH brings me to my most exciting point...I have been picking up some extra "responsibilities" (if I can even call them that because they are SO much fun) with Autumn Song. One of those responsibilities is going to be a bi-monthly guest post on their blog. SO if all two of you guys are REALLY REALLY missing me :-) you can find me at my new blog's home HERE. Yeah, me and this new blog totally moved in together. I know....seems early. But I think we'll be a great match.

As for my sweet girls. They are amazing. Layla is constantly teaching me...she is growing like crazy and is developing the most amazing little personality. She is one of the most logical thinking humans I have met...I am constantly impressed with her ability to use uniquely sound logic and reasoning. Adalei...sweet little Adalei. She is crawling...standing and cruising on furniture. She is saying "mama" which I LOVE...she's been saying it for about a month now, but during the past two weeks has started using it to "call" me. She laughs all the time. Those girls make my days extraordinary.

Finally, for those of you who read this blog and go to my home church--you probably think we have disappeared :-) WELL, we are actually working with an amazing team of men and women to plant a church in Winston-Salem. If you are interested...please take a few minutes to visit the website HERE....We are so excited about what God is doing in Winston Salem...and we are excited about the opportunity to get in and serve a community that we love so much! YAHOO.....

Adios...whew. That felt good...the de-cluttering process can be pretty stinking amazing :-)