Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going the distance and I added 2 miles to our long run today!  I was really nervous and anxious going into the run today...I just wasn't feeling it.  I think I was in some weird funk or something?  Thursday's run was not great--I was super tired and dehydrated (too much coffee in the am and not enough water during the day) so the run on Thursday just didn't feel good to me.  So I have to apologize to Tasha...I was not a good running buddy on Thursday.  Friday was my day off and I was already dreading today. was great....REALLY great.  
I learned the following today
(1) Gu is an amazing gift from God.  I tried the lemon lime today and it wasn't SO bad.  
(2) My mom is most often late (even when she's dropping off a sports drink to her very thirsty hubby and daughter).  Dad and I ran circles for at LEAST 5 minutes waiting for mom to make the drop off.  But really, what is .5 miles when you are already running as much as we were...HA!
(3) I've fallen in love with my legs.  Yep..I just said that!  I traditionally have had a yuck-o relationship with my legs...I was never a fan and mostly noticed their flaws (including the wonderful ACL surgery scar down the front of my left one).  Today my legs felt so strong and I was really humbled by God today--knowing that he took such great care in making these legs. I criticized them for way too long.  These wonderful legs carried me a long way today and I have really come to love and appreciate them.
(4) Taking showers post run with a 1 1/2 year old doesn't really qualify as a shower.  Little Layla must have missed me like crazy today.  She followed me into the bathroom as I turned the shower on.  She started taking off her little shoes and then moved on to her bloomers and THEN her diaper.  Clearly, she was going to take a shower as well.  So we climbed in the shower together and she just wrapped her little arms around my yucky smelly body.  That's love, folks.  We rinsed off a bit and that was the extent of it.  What a great way to come home.  I am so glad I'm a mommy and get these little moments in my day!

We finished the run strong.  I honestly could have kept going.  I experienced the most amazing runner's high today.  For the last 8-9 miles, I felt like I was running on air.  My breathing was easy and controlled and my body felt strong.  Considering how I felt pre-run, I am shocked that I'm actually REALLY looking forward to hitting the pavement tomorrow.  More importantly, dad was super proud of me today and surprised at how well I did--that felt great.

Whew WHOO...t minus 30 minutes until ICE CREAM time :-)


cindy and christy said...

Congrats on your extra mileage! That is so awesome to be running with your dad! Have you tried the new "Roctane" Gu? It's awesome - it has 2x caffeine and aminos in it, talk about rocket fuel. Loved your post. My little 8 month old had his first shower with mommy post run yesterday.

Happy Running!


Natasha said...

Great job Linds!! As always, I am proud of you. And, yes, you are so right...what a way to enjoy your time after a run...with sweet Layla. I think the shower and hug was her toddler way of saying "Mom, I am proud of you." What a blessing she is!! :)

Michelle said...

sounds like you had a great run! I admire you for attempting a marathon! it's fun following your progress :D