Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dancing Queen

This was too good to pass up :-) Layla's newest dance moves are quite comical--they almost resemble the moves of the 50+ year old women (who've enjoyed a little TOO much wine) on the dance floor at a wedding...HA!

Somehow my little red head manages to brighten up EVERY day...she makes me look forward to having (God willing) a house full of special little personalities one day! And moments like this (among the million other little moments) make my job satisfaction level skyrocket...ahh the joys of being a mommy at home with her little ones!

PS-You are getting a sneak preview of her Fancy Nancy Halloween costume...this was take after a trip to Walmart for more "fancy ribbons"...you can tell she REALLY needed more fancy ribbon :-)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

33 Weeks...

Well...doctor's appointment went well yesterday. Adalei was moving like crazy (which isn't odd for her)--even managing to cause some surprise with the doctor at how well he could feel her shoulders through my belly.

I found out the the little internal "pinch" that I feel only when I'm running or cleaning house is really just a frustrated little baby girl pushing down on my bladder. The doc said it may cause some incontinence (such a nice way to put "pee your pants")....I laughed and told him it was something I'm not really a stranger to (see post on doing speedwork pre-pregnancy). He didn't see the humor so much. UNCOMFORTABLE. Layla was with me and asked me a million questions about--"inconstanance" (ha) to which I just responded that sometimes mommies need diapers too. At least I got a laugh out of her. As a side note, I can no longer bring Layla with me to appointments. Two weeks ago, the OB that I go to had FOUR moms show up with sick toddlers...sick like flu sick! Incredible. In an OB of all places!

Weight gain is good....looking very similar to how I did with Layla--probably will gain the same amount of weight as I did with her. The doctor I saw yesterday seems to think that there is no reason why Adalei will not be around the same birth weight as Layla was (6 lb 8oz), which he said would make for a rather easy and speedy delivery--SWEET! My belly is actually measuring the same at this point as it did with Layla--30 cm--so that was the best indication of Adalei's size.

He read my charts with Layla and was really surprised that I only pushed 4 times and didn't tear. I told him God made me especially for having babies and that I intended to fulfill my purpose and have LOTS (again--although I kind of thought I was being cute...no sign of humor in the ol' doc). All that being said, he seems to think I'll have no problems with labor this time around and will be fine to do it without any medication--unless Adalei is coming out in some weird position or if something happens to cause them to have to do a c-section.

SO...all was good. Layla enjoyed the visit--and got a cupcake from Whole Foods out of it. DUDE, the looks I got strolling through Whole Foods at 10am while my little redhead ate a mini cupcake (chocolate of all things) was PRICELESS! No, it wasn't granola or fruit, but she's well worth a mini cupcake for morning snack every now and then....and yes, we were both wearing leather shoes and YES...I threw my trash in the landfill trash bin by accident. Obviously, I do NOT belong in the aisles of Whole Foods :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


SO...guys...WOW has the past few days been amazing or what?!

Yesterday we went live with the website for Run 4 Revolution--and the response was incredible! Within hours, we had EIGHT new runners on the team, two nice BIG donations and countless requests to be added to the mailing list! I guess for me, the incredible part was seeing God work in such a GIANT way. I can honestly say that I have never felt such a unique sense of joy in all my life...in fact, for a while today I was wondering what exactly it was that I was feeling. I think it must be a very nice combination of being humbled, blessed and overjoyed by what God has already done in just 24 hours with Run 4 Revolution.

If you haven't done so yet...stop by the website and sign up for the mailing list...I probably will not be posting anymore about R4R here as the website sort of serves as a blog as well.

In other news...
I am just now getting into my 32 week of pregnancy! WOW it has gone by so fast. I'm blessed by being able to get out and run, but I am opting to run in the early AM before it gets light out so as to avoid the crazy looks I get from fellow Lexingtonians :-) So I'm still doing between 5-7 miles each day and my long run is around 8.5 on Fridays.

Dad is going to be doing my "maternity session" next week and I am so excited about the fun pictures we are going to be taking....I can't wait to post them. I went ahead and had him take a picture the other day for my baby shower on Sunday and here's what he came up with...I think its perfect! I wanted to have something that everyone could sign to go in Adalei's little room. I think she'll like this :-)
I think that's it, for now....I need to post some video of Layla...she's getting funnier by the day and has become quite the chatter box. Looks like mommy needs to get the Flip camera out :-)