Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hills...part 2 and feeling the blues...

So, we had hills again and I.  I really think he HAS to get something out of hearing his much younger daughter behind him breathing heavily and commenting that I believe my heart is giving out while he's totally moving in a controlled, easy manor. 

 My imagination never ceases to amaze me.  Today I told dad that I thought my blood was pooling...probably wasn't...but I was convinced of it on that last hill.  Fortunately, I am stubborn (if that's the correct word) enough to keep going and pushing harder.  I just told my mind to leave my body alone and let it do its work for at least 20 more minutes.  After which, I agreed to let my mind scold my body for what it just did.  Interesting, that mind and body split :-)  Is this running thing making my crazy?  Nah...can't be that..maybe just more aware?  Oh, but I was just reminded, mental patients don't really know they are "mental", right?  

All in all, the hill repeats went really well today.  We increased them by two repeats, which surprised me that today seemed easier than last week.  I should correct that...mentally easier than last week.  I guess I was just more prepared for what was going to happen.  I am really starting to enjoy pushing myself..

On another note, I was doing laundry after Layla went down for her nap and as I was hanging up Neil's work shirts, I noticed he wore his J Crew blue polo shirt the other day.  I guess what made me stop and pause is that THE blue shirt, above ALL other work shirts, is my most favorite.  I think the color looks nice on him and the fabric is SO SO soft.  I was shocked and disappointed that a morning and afternoon went by without me even noticing him in my favorite shirt.  I feel terrible.  I'm going to apologize to my sweet little husband first thing this afternoon.   I think I must have neglected him that day...awwh man and that feels awful to say!  How does life get so busy!?

Poor Neil...poor blue shirt.


Natasha said...

I LOVE blue polo shirts also. And, yes, it is pitiful sometimes how we let our days go by without spending quality time with our hubbies...I'm guilty too!! :)

Only Servants Ministries said...

you crack me up,linds. poor neil- poor blue shirt..

im so proud of you and all your training for the marathon. a bit jealous too tough. you know you could come train here, then when you went back home it would be a piece of cake. we are at an altitude of about 5500ft. when i get the chance t'm going to start again.

p.s. had a dream about you the other night :) not quite as weird as matt's dreams though...