Saturday, August 9, 2008


We made and I pounded pavement last night for 3 h 15m!  WOW...

It definitely put me out of my comfort zone.  As you all probably know, we normally run on Saturday mornings; however, I'm leaving for the beach with Neil's family today (YAY) and wanted to get a really REALLY good long run in before leaving.  

Running at night was COMPLETELY amazing!  There was a stretch of road where, thankfully, there were white lines--otherwise we would have been unable to see where we were going.  It was complete solitude.  Dad and I didn't say much on that stretch--just listened to the rhythm of our breath and our feet.  WOW!  Have I already said it was amazing?  And after running in the NC heat for months, it was nice to have a break.  I barely even sweat last night..strange!

I did learn a few things...

(1) I do really great at mile 18...yep..that's and I started running (as I quote him) like our "rears were on fire" at about 18 miles and it felt great.   Our last two miles were literally the fastest two miles that I've ever ran.  I kept waiting to hit the o-so-fabulous wall, but it never happened...YAY!
(2) My stomach can really hold some Gu.  I opted for two packets last night and other than a slightly rumbly tummy, I was fine.  Whew, glad that's out of the way!
(3) Neil was told by his manager (my hubby is a wonderful musician...see Dillon James) that he needs to seriously consider moving to Nashville.  ICK!  That big and scary opportunity didn't seem so big and scary after mulling it over AND over in my head for 2+ hours.  This morning it does...but last night it didn't...HA.  Looks like I'm going to be putting in some major miles the next few weeks just to think.  Um, guys liked how I snuck that little tid-bit-of information in there?  Sorry Tasha...Beth...Tiff...I should have probably made a phone call first :-D
(3)  Running that late at night means sleep is not really possible.  I was riding a huge roller coaster of endorphins when I had to climb into the shower and then to bed.  My sweet little husband was so kind to wake up and ask me about my run.  I feel asleep pretty quickly, only to roll over and feel like my joints were about to explode.  So I crawled out of bed (ouch) and walked around the house for a while, felt better, went to sleep...woke up hours later THIRSTY! I am...6:30am and ready to head out for a quick run.  And boy, I am so excited!

I'll try to post something while I'm away on vacation...but it all depends on whether or not we have wireless. here's a quick picture of my sweet little Layla I know I've said before, she loves listening to Etta James and Stevie Ray Vaughn (uhhh ohhh we are in trouble!) on Neil's i pod.  So here's a picture of her with "her" ipod.  Notice the shoes...she put them on all by herself!  Wrong feet...but wonderful accomplishment!  I was--am--so proud of her!


Natasha said...

Great job Lupe!! I bet running at night was awesome!! Did you wear reflective gear???

And, Tennessee??? Oh No!!! Yes, that needs some thinking...

Have fun at the beach. I look forward to catching up when you return. :)

AnniePat said...

ummm...i go on vacation, and you decide to maybe think about possibly MOVING TO ANOTHER STATE?? look, if you're gonna move, you need to come CLOSER to my neck of the woods--not farther from. sheesh.

Matt Rollins said...

Don't worry, I eased the info to Beth. I already told Neil that you gotta do what ya gotta do... but just come back and don't stay there forever. The Texas visit was great, so at least it'd give us a reason to go vacation in Nashville and have a blast while doing it. I'm sure you're now on your way to Avon, I'm jealous. You guys have a blast!!