Thursday, August 28, 2008

poor blankie...

Hooray!  One more week of hill repeats on the book.  Last night's were AMAZING!  I felt like dad and I were flying...and I think we were.  Our last hill (the big one) was fifteen seconds faster...which is a significant increase when you talk about running a hill.  And dad said I am started to recover after each hill faster and more efficiently!  YAY for progress.  I continue to be amazed at how thoughtfully and perfect God made our little bodies.  Last night dad and I ran for a little over an hour with 10 hill repeats sandwiched in between a warm up and cool down run.  Dad and I joked on the way back to our cars that we really could have done hills all night, but we didn't want our friend, hill, to get tired of us.  HA!  

Can I just say...switching gears a little...that we have had a four alarm emergency in the Broere house in the past 24 hours.  Layla's MUST HAVE blankie is starting to shred at a rapid pace.  At first glance yesterday, it was barely splitting at the seams (so we drove to Winston to unsuccessfully find a replacement) and by nap time, it was completely ripped down the middle...YIKES!  So I got out a needle and thread and made some quick stitches while my patient Layla looked on.  I informed her that her blankie had some ouchies that mommy had to fix--and she proceeded to kiss it over and over!  AND the award for super husband/daddy goes to Neil...he actually finished up stitching the blankie while I started dinner.  Such a wonderful and talented man.  I wish I had taken a picture of him sitting on the couch with a needle and thread and pink blankie on his lap.  SO CUTE!

SO I searched relentlessly yesterday afternoon and last night for a replacement and after no success ANYWHERE was informed that the blankie I am searching for is also used by scientolotot Suri Cruise.  What in the world!?!  So I've put in my order with a local baby store in Winston and in the mean time am going to try to substitute a satin and velvet blankie?  Same company...same color...slightly different blankie (the current one has a chenille backing --which Layla doesn't seem to like at all so maybe I'm safe?).  Neil suggested I get the same velvet, chenille, satin blankie but in a different color...I'm unsure.  I think the color would really make Layla upset..but we'll see.  Daddy may be right on this one.

Here's a pick of mommy and daddy's handy work.  You can see from the picture that the blanket has actually started peeling back at the satin seams.  Should I be avoiding the dryer with the next one?

I'll keep ya'll updated.  


The Beaver Bunch said...

Before I even clicked on your link, I had a feeling I knew what blankie you were referring to. We also have a Little Giraffe blanket that we treasure. I"m so surprised Layla's is torn! Elizabeth has had her's for 4 years and on Tuesday I noticed a small rip on the corner of the satin. Elizabeth's is purple. We love blankie and cannot go without her at nap or bedtime. Let me know if you're successful with the switch.

And I'm so surprised to hear that we are associated w/ Hollywood royalty. Surri? Wow!

Michelle said...

haha! I had a "pink bink" when I was little that was so threadbare and worn and sewn and stitched so many times you would have thought we got it from the trash bin. BUT NO OTHER BINK WOULD DO. lol :D

Matt Rollins said...

Great blog and all Linds... but it's missing something. The picture of Neil knitting. That dude does everything I swear! It's ok though, you can throw it in on your next post, we'll wait patiently.

Natasha said...

A torn blanket is a major ordeal. I STILL, at the age of 28, have my very first pink blankie sitting on my bed. The amazing thing is that my 28 year old blanket was probably bought at Wal-Mart for 2 dollars and it held up beautifully. It no longer has the satin on the edges, but the rest of it looks pretty good. And, believe it or not, yes, I'm going to admit it...28 years later there is still something very comforting about picking it up for a second...I think as soon as I pick it up, childhood memories begin to flood my mind.

So...after all that rambling...the moral of the story need to make sure that blankie gets replaced/fixed because that blankie could be around for A LONG TIME!!! :)

By the way...I know I have told you before, but you deserve to hear it and Neil make a great "mommy and daddy" team. Layla is blessed.