Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy 8s...Tagged...

Ahhh...tagged on Crazy 8s...these things stress me out more than you can imagine.  I'm not doing it.  So.  There.  I can't even think of eight things I'm passionate about...that thought made me feel like the least passionate person in the universe, but then I remembered that my passions are pretty big passions...and my nature is of the "all or nothing" sort.  I enjoy a lot of things...I really REALLY like a lot of things...but I'm only passionate about a few--definitely not 8.
And the books...and movies...I haven't read anything noteworthy in WAY too long.  AND I typically only watch movies once.  I don't really enjoy movies--I have a very short attention span and tend to be sort of hyper.  The movies that I really really love, I've probably seen three--four times tops.  I'm "that" person who, try as I may, never gets a movie quote right...probably because I don't pay enough attention.

I say all this to say that I am perfectly boring...and these things stress me out because I want to find the perfect list...I'm such a dork.  Sorry Beth...LOVE YOU! should I tag any of you guys???  :-)

These pictures are not really relevant to this post...but what the heck.  I think they are adorable :-)

Layla showing daddy how to really...I mean REALLY play the guitar.  What you can't see from the picture is that she actually is strumming the guitar with graham cracker in hand.  Now..that is some real talent...
Layla in her "fity cent" hoodie (as her daddy says).  Its really a cover up so that she doesn't show too much skin while on her way to the swimming pool :-)

This is Layla playing dress up--again.  I think it really humors her when mommy gets involved--the sillier the better.  Layla actually picked out the hat all by herself and put it on my head.  And, she absolutely LOVES big sunglasses.

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