Friday, June 13, 2008

She's got the look

Yesterday morning I took Layla's clean laundry upstairs to her room so that she could help me put her clothes away.  She has started to really enjoy laundry days.  I noticed as I was making nice little piles of clothes that hang in the closet, clothes that go in drawers, towels, wash cloths, etc., that Layla was taking out various items from each pile and making her own little pile--which was completely adorable.  

Then, she picked up each item, one by one, and brought it to me.  She "asked" that I put each one on her body and signaled exactly how she wanted to wear them by stretching her arms up, stretching one arm up, ducking her head, and lifting her feet.  When we were finished she had quite the wardrobe.  She wore this particular outfit to breakfast, she wore it as she helped mommy get dressed--and she almost wore it to visit my grandmother for our weekly lunch date.  It was so cute that I absolutely had to grab my camera and take a picture!  Her poor little eyes still have so much cold in them...but that obviously didn't effect her ability to put together a killer outfit!

On a side note...Layla has started going through a very odd stage of tantrums.  Thankfully because I stay at home with her and know her so well, I can see one coming well in advance of her throwing herself on the floor--face down.  On most occasions I can make sure she is in a safe place to go ahead and have her tantrum.  And on a good day, I can head the tantrums off before they even occur.  Those times make me very proud of the relationship that Layla and I have.  The tantrums in the coffee shop do not :-)  

And to be honest, after only doing this tantrum thing for about two weeks she is really starting to be "frugal" with her tantrums, which I think is progress.  In fact, there have been a couple of times this week where I see her start to tighten her fists--and all I say is "Lay...calm down baby...this is not a big deal" in a very calm, quiet voice--and moments later she turns away to think about it and is fine.  The turning away thing is hilarious, by the way--almost like she is saying to me, "I am doing this on my own, not because you told me to"--and I know where she gets that behavior--HA.  Strange.  I guess she's learning to save her melt downs for things that are really important :-)  Can toddlers differentiate though?  Maybe not.  Maybe its just luck of the draw and she's figuring out that tantrums don't get her as much attention as giggling.


Michelle said...

aww, poor baby! hope she feels better soon! you definitely have a princess on your hands :) watch out, the teenage years are coming!! ah, and the secret weapon - the tantrum... knowing nothing about children, I think you're absolutely right to ignore the bad behavior and reward the good! basic animal psychology right there :)

Legally Blonde said...

Yea, I'll take one of those lil munchkins please!

AnniePat said...

aww so cute! she'll be folding those clothes before you know it!