Friday, June 6, 2008

Honey, I Shrunk the Ice Cream?

While shopping the other day, I noticed that Edy's Ice Cream looked like it had taken a dexatrim or was really strange.  I proceeded to compare the size of Edy's to the other ice creams and found that YES...they have decreased their package size (while still charging the same amount???).  INCREDIBLE!  I love Edy's Ice Cream...perhaps my favorite of ALL ice creams...but not anymore.  

Here's the rub--what they said to me was "hello shopper...we here at Edy's feel as if you are too ignorant to notice a smaller size, so we'd rather take the chance that you don't notice than increase the price."  REALLY!  Does anyone else think I am wrong to get so bent out of shape over this?  It really seemed like trying to pass off a paper written in Courier New (with a small increase in the top and bottom margins) as a paper written in Times New Roman.   I did the same thing in an undergrad sociology paper.  So yeah...I guess maybe I shouldn't hold some corporation to a higher standard than a lazy college student?

So I did what any ticked off consumer would do and contacted Edy's with my ranting.  I received three coupons in the mail along with a nice generic letter from the CEO (or more likely a spring semester intern).  The idea of using those coupons makes me sick.  AYE AYE AYE!  I guess its back to the drawing board for my nightly (and I do mean nightly) ice cream fix :-)


Michelle said...

that's crazy! I heard on the news that they are doing this at restaurants too - how would we ever know if we are getting 4 oz of chicken for the same price we used to get 6?!

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