Friday, June 20, 2008

This little piggy

So...Layla is really into pigs lately.  Well, let me back up.  She learned how to make a pig face and snort pretty early on and learned that it got quite the she's always had a little "thing" for pigs.  

We also happen to live in the pig capital of the world, Lexington, NC--home of the BBQ Festival.  You know how a ton of cities now are commissioning artists to paint animals that are placed around town to draw visitors?  WELL...Lexington has pigs (because of the the BBQ Festival) and Layla adores each and every one of them.  Last week, we walked to Main St to visit the pigs (and take them water-HA) every SINGLE afternoon.  In fact, Layla woke up from each afternoon nap snorting and running to the door.  Last Tuesday we went to visit the pigs in her PJs because the need to see them as so urgent...HA!

Here's a pic from her trip to visit the pigs with her Grandpa and DeDe (Neil's parents) on Wednesday.

Yesterday my dad called and thought it would be a great idea to take Layla down to Dan Nicholas Park to visit real pigs!  We packed up my mom and dad's car and drove to Salisbury--Bradyn, Layla and I all crammed into the back seat (two car adult....three books...two sippy cups...and two kiddos equally "starved" for attention--all in the back seat of a Subaru).  We had a BLAST.  The pig was asleep but Layla touched the sheep and the donkey.  We rode a train, a carousal, played on the playground and ate a picnic lunch.  AND we were home in time for Layla's afternoon nap.  What a day!

Dad brought up a very interesting point on the way back home...We were in the front seat (YAY) talking about running and his new wedding albums while Bradyn, Layla and my mom were making up songs in the back seat.  All of the sudden Bradyn yelled up at me to jump in with a rhyme about something that was automatically stopped mid sentence...I jumped in with something about bears--and then dad about wildebeests--AND then dad finished his sentence like we never skipped a beat.  Funny thing is that we both did it without even thinking.  Dad said that's what was always required at Slate family get togethers (every Saturday and Sunday growing up)...that the "adults" were capable of having a grown up conversation and jumping into a kid's game--then back to conversation without missing a beat.  HILARIOUS!  And somewhat crazy that I find myself doing that VERY often.

Ahhh...I love being a mommy.  I love going to see pigs for the first time every afternoon.  I love listening to my mom singing :-) VERY VERY VERY silly songs about pickles and giggling (??) in the back seat with Bradyn and Layla.  

OH speaking of which...T MINUS ONE week until time for the Slate family beach vacay!

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min-min said...

i am so proud of Layla's high interest in pigs! i feel so much closer to her now!