Saturday, September 5, 2009

still here....

So I'm sitting here just tap tap tapping on the keyboard. I know I have something on my mind...just nothing seems really noteworthy. I've been taking mental inventory of what's been going on each morning while I run HOPING that something would jump out and be blog worthy...but sorry folks...there's nothing.

Layla is continuing to put me in stitches with her antics and make me proud of her for the way she's growing up. Neil is finally experiencing what its really like to father a daughter (or at least for now...not sure what middle and high school will hold). Layla has started crying for random reasons--mostly because she just feels a little "off". I can empathize, but poor Neil isn't so privy to the spectrum of female emotions. I finally developed a new house rule (for my sake and Neil's) that only one member of the Broere household is allowed to be whiny/grumpy at a time. I'm thinking of further limiting it by developing a "whine" pass that can only be used once a week and when necessary. Once the "whine" pass has been used, it will be locked away until the next week. Should a member of the family whine without the pass, they will not receive even the smallest amount of sympathy :-) HA...okay so maybe that's taking it a little too far. Can I just say that I really REALLY have a hard time mustering up any sympathy for whininess...I just can't take it--but I'm trying.

Baby Adalei is doing great...she starting to have those really BIG movements where my entire tummy shifts. The other morning at around 3:45 I had to get up with Layla and Adalei decided she'd join the party--much to Layla excitement. After I put Layla back in her bed, I laid down only to experience Adalei stretching out length way in my stomach. I looked down to see my tummy resembling a pancake...strange. And, she had her first set of hiccups the other week---adorably annoying when it happens a 4am :-) I had to fight off giggling for fear of waking up Neil, but it was just so darn cute (for about 5 minutes). She's started reacting to Neil's voice and his hand on my tummy--and I think she really enjoys hearing Layla giggle and talk (that seems to be when she gets REALLY active). I'm seriously considering/almost decided to have a natural childbirth with little Adalei--just to get the full experience of labor and what God created my body to do. I'll keep ya'll posted on that.

Running is still going great...I've yet to cut back on it, but it'll come. I'm still feeling really great--except for those 10 minutes when my alarm first sounds that I have that mental battle to be lazy. A little old lady at the track by my house (the same one I've seen walking there for the past year) informed me just the other day that I, "really shouldn't be doing what you are doing". Interesting. I briefly entertained the idea of stopping to introduce myself and argue my point, but decided it was a lost cause AND that her intentions were probably good--misguided, inappropriate, but good :-)

All in all--its been a great couple of weeks. Neil still hasn't started on the kitchen...and I've stopped holding my breath for new counter tops....maybe for my anniversary next year :-) Layla is doing great--and so is Baby Adalei. Whew. Done...and you guys know that we are still alive and well over here.

OH-and I'll update this with a new belly picture as soon as Neil gets in.

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Natasha said...

I love the phrase "adorably annoying" - that could be a phrase that mommies and soon to be mommies use frequently.

And...I'm in full agreement - I can't take the whining either.

I'm so glad all the Broere's are doing well!!!