Friday, September 25, 2009


Neil is in Savannah this weekend, leaving us girls here to fend for ourselves. I normally get really excited about having the house all to myself for a day or two--turning the baby monitor up as loud as it can go (I like to know I can hear Layla from anywhere in the house---still a little neurotic, I guess), sleeping in my full flannel PJs, watching the latest and greatest smut on TV without having to share, and reading books in bed until late. BUT, this time is different. I miss him already and he's only been gone for three hours. Heck, I missed him before he walked out of the door this morning. I miss him in the pit of my stomach--like someone just told me I'd have to live on rice cakes until Sunday. I guess missing is a good thing...I know how excited I'll be when Sunday rolls around.

So Layla, Adalei and I are off to my mom and dad's for the night...which should be fun as long as Layla goes to sleep at a decent time :-) Its been a long time since I've had the pleasure of crashing at their house for the night--probably since the last time Neil went to Nashville. So this will be fun. Fixing dinner with night on the couch with dad, popcorn and peanut butter crackers and the COLDEST Pepsis in Thomasville. YIPEE!

She's getting funnier by the day. She's become quite adept at stalling tactics and is constantly picking up something new. Her latest thing....she wants to "shoot the breeze" about EVERYTHING. She even interrupts prayer time for clarification on where each person mentioned sleeps and whether or not they sleep in a crib or a big girl/boy bed. It literally takes us a good 10-15 minutes to get through one night-night prayer. I inevitably leave something or someone out and at Layla's request, have to start over. Nice! She's started saying most of the prayer by herself but then asks that I chime in somewhere in the middle because she "forgets". Obviously, I don't do a great job at remembering either :-)

She's learned how to spell her name, she learned her address (even the city she lives in), and we are working on writing letters. Yesterday she wrote "Ls" and Ms" all day, but I've got to get started on a preschool type letter book. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Her daddy has successfully taught her that Glen Beck is a very smart man :-) She watches "dat man" with daddy in the evenings while I'm getting dinner ready. It is so darn cute to see the two of them snuggled on the couch watching the news. Her attention span is rather short for grown up talk, so she often interrupts with a request to draw or cut paper and Neil obliges--turning the TV off. I'm a lucky girl--I have a really great husband (who still, by the way, insists that I am "hot as fire" even with my belly...yeah, I definitely got more than I deserved when I married him).

Nothing new with baby Adalei...still kicking like crazy--really crazy....she's much stronger than Layla was at this time...UGH OH...I don't know what that means?? She's seems kind of funny about being she really kicks back if Layla starts pressing on my tummy or if I'm doing something that scrunches her up :-) hummmmm?

Thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense. I should be posting something REALLY great coming up...starting something new with a friend that is really starting to allow me to work with two big passions of mine...YAY...can't wait to share with you all!

You're reward for sticking with me...a picture of Layla...I know, you're welcome :-)


Only Servants Ministries said...

What shirt is layla wearing? It looks like a white star! :) CT and I read the dispatch- very cool.

Maybe we should post at the same time about "it" :)

Lindsey Broere said...

HA...its a white star sticker on her white t-shirt....she did it all by herself...creative little thing

I agree...we should definitely post at the same time :-)
I was going to do something on facebook too, as soon as we are ready.

Natasha said...

Cute post! :)

Yes, you are blessed with a great husband. Sunday will be here before you know it.

What a smart girl Layla is!! I can probably give you some advice on a preschool alphabet book. :) We will talk next time we walk.

A night at your mom and dad's - now, that's going to be fun!! Nothing better than going "home" for a day.

Thanks for sharing your "blessings." Can't wait to see you soon.


Michelle said...

I know what you mean, I hate it when Adam is gone!

Can't wait to hear your news!