Monday, September 7, 2009

Air poops--and belly pictures

Okay, so two COMPLETELY unrelated items...but I had to share this story about "air poop".

SO...sweet little Layla had WAY too much fiber yesterday between the oatmeal for breakfast and apple for afternoon snack. She was much too busy to try and potty--so the result was a gasy little Layla. Last night as she was jumping on our bed and enjoying a nice game of tickle monster, she proceeded to let out at LEAST 4-5 stinky air bubbles from her tummy. Layla calls them "air poops", which I'll give her this---it makes a ton of sense. Anyway--I couldn't help but laugh and ask her where she got all that air in her tummy. She looked at Neil and I very matter-of-fact and said, "I filled up at the gas station." I laughed harder at her than I have in a long time--tears streaming down my cheeks and everything. She was so quick on her feet with that one--gas in her belly must come from a gas station, right?


Okay...and finally---here's a picture of little Adalei--I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow--only 12 more weeks to go! Boy, this pregnancy has gone by WAY too fast. Neil suggested taking the front view because he insists that my belly looks bigger from the front--HA and I took it as a huge compliment :-) The funniest thing is that you can see how Adalei is all the way on my left side (the right side of the picture). For some reason, she seems to spend most of her time on that side, even though I encourage her to move a little--because it feels WAY strange to have all of her knotted up on one side....


Natasha said...

The gas station - that's hilarous! I wonder if that's where Landis fills up on his "air" :) (he, he)

Love the belly picture!!! :) I can't wait to meet the precious little girl in that belly! :)

Michelle said...

how cute. glad to hear everything is going well! was wondering what you are up to. So what's your due date? Must be right around thanksgiving?