Tuesday, September 15, 2009

decision time

SO, I have talked it over with Neil--at great length--and we've decided that if all goes well (meaning Adalei isn't breached or there aren't any uncontrollable circumstances that would require a c-section) I will deliver without an epidural. There. Its out. Now I'm committed for sure :-)

As funny as it sounds, one of the BIG things that I missed shortly after Layla was born was the labor and delivery process. I LOVED being in labor with her (perhaps there's something to that and my love of long distance running). So I knew that I wanted to experience the miracle of childbirth in its entirety--pain and all--but I wasn't so sure about Neil. I can imagine how difficult it must be for a husband to watch his wife in pain and not have the ability to take it away or make her feel better. But, after a lot of research and knowing that my low blood pressure may create a problem with the epidural, we decided to go for it. AND I CAN'T WAIT!

Hopefully I can use this blog to keep up with the things that I'm learning...both before, during and after birth. I hope to keep track of how I do during the whole process, along with Adalei, Neil and the doctors. It will be interesting trying to do natural childbirth in a hospital setting. I know with Layla I didn't really do a birth plan because they seemed so silly to me, but I'm thinking this time I will do a really flexible, tiny little birth plan--so I'll make sure to post that too.

I'm looking forward to this, guys...looking forward to learning some new things and experience life in a way that God reserved just for me...


AnniePat said...

yay yay yay yay!!!! we have much to discuss, but you should start by getting "the business of being born" on netflix (i got a friend to queue it for me b/c we don't actually have netflix)...it is VERY interesting.

my second huge recommendation is to have someone who WANTS you to do this plan to be WITH you during labor. that person will likely be the only one encouraging you to go without meds in the hospital. doctors and some nurses usually think you're crazy and will continually offer interventions, which are difficult to discern WHEN YOU ARE IN LABOR.

and finally, don't call it "pain!" you felt enough of it before to know that it's not pain, like, OW i stubbed my toe, ya know? it's a whole new sensation for which there is no good word, and with it comes an intense bliss that you cannot get any other way. you are right to be excited...it is a beautifully empowering experience!

however, pushing the baby out...now that's pain.

all for now hehe...

Natasha said...

If anyone can do this, it's you!! You have a determination that I have seen in you for many, many years. I'll begin praying for the Lord to give you and Neil strength as well as for a healthy, delivery.

As for your pregnant friend responding to this blog (a.k.a - "Toddy") - I will opt for some pain relief. Yes, that shows my "weakness", but that's okay - I can admit it - I want to use the drugs that the Lord blessed someone with the brains to create. (He, he) :)

I look forward to hearing about your journey through this process. :)

this, that and the other.... said...

Linds, I am really happy for you and your decision. You and I have talked about this several times and I thought you would go this route. My love, prayers and support are with you. Lots of love, mom

Only Servants Ministries said...

woohoo! Go girl! You know, I have thought that if we end up have kids by birth, I would like to do it naturally. ( i say that now)
But what about our curse as women?... "to have painful child birth all of our days"... or something to that effect. I feel like we are cheating to opt out on the pain. I dunno. I think weird stuff sometimes. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...I second "The Business of Being Born"...GREAT. Anna gave you great advice! Make sure whoever is with you during labor knows your plans, and is committed to helping you stick to them! It is very tempting to give into the drugs in a hospital setting. And I also agree...don't call it pain. Try to let your body relax and ride the wave of the contractions! You can do it, and I can't wait to hear all about it!! <3

Michelle said...

i think that's great lindsey and will be looking forward to hearing all about it - what resources you recommend and of course how it goes! i hope to have a natural birth too!

Anonymous said...

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