Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little General's Last Stand :-)

WELL today marked the date of my very last class! WOW this semester flew by. I did end up showing Dr. Strangelove at an attempt to increase my face time in class. The students were a little confused and lost by the movie, as I sat in the back cracking up. I guess that movie just has a ton of dry humor.

So I got a note from a student today after she turned in her test. The note read: "Ms. Broere, Thank you so much for teaching my class. You made a hard class seem easy. I am blessed to have you as a teacher." Ohhh...that was so sweet. Then I thought, is this a sneaky attempt to cushion her grade, cause' its not going to work. I am not that easy--she could have at least brought chocolate or something too...HA! I'm kidding. Sweet letter...but she's stuck with her "C".

Layla and I just finished off another bottle of acidophilus. I can't believe how much Layla loves that stuff. She, literally, sucks it down. I honestly believe that little miracle in a bottle is how we made it through cold and flu season untouched (well--mommy got a cold but that's it). Anyone out there who isn't taking acidophilus...invest in some. It cured my pregnancy indigestion and reflux...and it has made for a very healthy family. Whole Foods carries it in their refrigerated section...blueberry is THE BEST! Beware...its addictive!

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Michelle said...

Hey Lindsey, what brand of acidophillus and fish oil do you use and give to Layla? That's funny that she likes it!! That watermelon pic and story were too cute.

Too funny about dr. strangelove!! LOL!