Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Blogging in bed for the first time...WONDERFUL.  I think I must have slept horribly last night because I woke up around 2:45 and realized that my hubby had made his way to the couch :( Poor Neil.  I have a really yucky cold, so I'm starting to wonder if I was way...that can't be right because I know I am NOT a snorer :-)  I do, however, "thrash"around sometimes...which is probably what happened.  In any case, I woke up this morning and thought...I can blog in my pjs...GOOD TIMES!

Ahhhh...another Mother's second one as a mommy.  This is such a great time to reflect on all of my successful moments as a mommy--the times Layla has taught me about life, the times I have thought, "wow--I have this 'mommy thing' down," and the times that I made a last minute, crunch time decision with Layla and it worked out right.  Its also a time for me to think about the areas that I want to work on--the places that need help now or will need help as she quickly approaches TWO.  Its a time for me to stand in awe of God and how he has trusted me with such an amazing really makes me feel so small.  Its a time to think about my mommy and really thank God for the amazing woman she is and the sacrifices she made for our family.  Its a time for me to make a promise to be more patient with her and make sure she knows how much I adore her.  Its a time to think about Neil's mom and how grateful and blessed I am because she was such an amazing mom to him and the absolute BEST mother-in-law that I could have ever dreamed of.  Its a time to think about my grandma (or maw maw) and how many MANY life lessons I've learned from her and how I always adored her worn hands.  Its a time for me to think about--as crazy as this sounds--the mommy of the man Layla will fall in love with one day...I take a couple of extra minutes to really pray for her specifically.  Finally--its a time for me to think about all of my friends who added another noun to their life description..."mom"--the ones who have helped and encouraged me so much.  It makes me really wonder where I'd be without any one of these women...

What an amazing day!  I should get out of my pjs and put some make up on...I am DYING to really enjoy some time with Layla this morning!

I'll post some hot pics of my SECOND mother's day!

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Only Servants Ministries said...

awe tenderkins!!
I'm surprised you could even type with that finger! Man, I felt bad about that. Just that it didn't even hit me to open the door. (I'm laughing again though... SORRY. I know it's funnier to me b/c I wasn't the one with my finger in the door.) Can I just say that I am a total weenie-I would have cried or yelled.. something. You were in pain... yet laughing?! You are a sick woman. I think you enjoyed it!

PS... you gotta change all this mumbo jumbo you have to do to leave a comment... you know I can't do it!