Thursday, May 15, 2008

Snobby Rants...sort of :-)

YAY...I just joined the Davidson County Public Library and got my FREE library card!  I don't know why, but I have always been a real snob about books...insisting that part of the reading experience was knowing that the book was ALL MINE and that I could put it on my book shelf when I was finished.  After dusting off HUNDREDS of Neil's and my books and looking at the way they litter our closet floors, I thought a little more about getting a library card.  All those books suddenly represented little trees and lots of money.  I think my recent trip to the grocery also strengthened my own inclination toward "joining" the public library.  Can you guys believe how much groceries have gone up over the past several months. Its insane!  Really, I shouldn't be so excited about my new library card...but I am THRILLED.  And get this...they have toddler reading time every Wednesday from 10-10:45.  YAY...another fun, educational and free activity for Layla and me!

Now for my rants...I had this strange feeling while inside the library...I felt proud that I was being eco-friendly by recycling books--so to speak--and by walking to the library.  And I should be proud--but then there was the guilt with a slight hint of anger.  Neil and I have been talking a lot lately about how the idea of "Green" has become a seemingly "liberal" cause...and we both have SERIOUS problems with that.  We own a Toyota Prius...I walk everywhere I go during the week (mostly to the YMCA and the local owned grocery)...we buy local produce, dairy and eggs...Neil does green construction...we are NOW MEMBERS OF THE LIBRARY (I'm still a little excited-HA)...and because of that...some of our acquaintances have painted us as liberals--actually I think it went "hippie liberals"...a label that most of you know I absolutely DETEST.  I want to take the time to say that I am no less conservative than I was years ago.  Really--no more and no less..I'm still pretty moderate.  And my motives behind the car I drive and the lifestyle my family leads are not influenced by some liberal sponsored "green agenda".  

While Neil and I a firm believers in being good stewards with the world we've been the end of the day (and here's my conservative streak coming wait for it) our Prius and my walking saves us money.  The local produce, eggs and milk that I purchase are healthier choices for my family.  And now, my library membership is saving me money and time (no more dusting off new books on our book shelves).   Should I be ashamed of my motives..NOPE. And you all should know that I am equally as disgusted with the Rush Limbaughs and the Al Gores who have made this "green thing" political.  Give me a break guys...seriously!  

Done...done with the ranting.  Whew, I feel so much better even if no one reads this.


Michelle said...

I read it!! Amen, sister, I feel the SAME WAY. My green choices started more with my health. Being good for the planet is a welcome side effect, but I shamelessly admit that my own health is primary.

AnniePat said...

ha! you go girl. now we just got get you wrapping your baby in cloth nappies, and people will really think you're crazy!