Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drum roll...........

Man oh man have I been out of a blogging mood or what lately?!  I think I've had plenty to write, but no time to do it (darn that Facebook taking up ALL my free time--its a love/hate relationship, really).

So we had the blessing of sharing another Easter at my grandmother's this year.  Its a running joke that she swears--every holiday and birthday--that she can't keep cooking big family dinners--its just too much to worry with and she fears she is losing her culinary skills.  Fear not!  She turned out an Easter dinner this year that HANDS DOWN beats every other Easter dinner (and not that its about the food anyway--but it was exceptional this year).  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the food that her hands worked so hard on....and a video of the way she paces around the kitchen and then meanders outside for a smoke--peeping in to check every so often.

Agh she makes me smile--all her little quirks.  I remember when I was a kid, driving 10 minutes to my grandmothers on a Saturday morning grab some breakfast.  We didn't call ahead and didn't give her a warning.  I was worried that she wouldn't be home and if she was, she wouldn't be happy that we were so presumptuous.  When I shared my fears with my dad, he told me, "there are only a few certain things in life:  death, taxes, and mom (my grandmother) being home with something to eat".  He's right.  I've never been to her house (even unannounced) that she wasn't (a) at home (b) excited to see me (c) able to fix a darn good meal on the spot.  I mean guys...she doesn't care if she's in her dressing robe without a dab of makeup on her face.  Its incredible.  She's amazing...she is truly a servant in more ways than I can count....and I hope I'm like that one day.  

Back to Easter...whew that was quite a sidebar, huh?

My mother made cupcakes that were absolutely adorable...and my little Layla thought they were the most magical things she's ever seen.  If you aren't aware of Layla's love affair with all things shaped like cupcakes (muffins included)...here are three pictures from the past three months (the top one being Easter).  And, we brush her teeth...I promise.  I just love the way she attacks those cupcakes...I have never seen a child love and crave cupcakes like she does.  Dad took all these pictures...I think he also finds humor in Layla's love of cupcakes.  I'm sure he has a TON more of her digging into a cupcake, but I didn't want to post them all for fear of looking like a bad mommy :-)

Finally....BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...Neil and I are expecting our second.  We are just having so much fun with Layla and are enjoying her so much that we want more and more and more (I think Neil would have 5 kiddos if we could).  So God...knowing our desire for another one...gave us a little Easter blessing (despite my running like a maniac--this kid is going to be a trooper already).  I have to admit, its a strange feeling finding out you are pregnant around Easter....it really comes with an overwhelming feeling of being very VERY blessed and humbled at the same time.

So we go to the doctor on April 27th to find out if there is one...or two in my tummy.  Twins run in my family (mom, great aunts, great great grandmothers)...YIKES...and I've never felt more sick and tired in my life.  I may be calling on your help, Jessica :-)


Dad said...

Great post Lindsey.It just cracks me up to see Layla attack those cupcakes.It makes me wish I were a cupcake.

Tiffanie said...

How sweet! I think I remember showing up for breakfast at your Maw's house, I am sure the two of us were unannounced.
I am so excited about your new little bundle and I can't wait to find out more about it!
Give Layla some lovin for me and I will make sure to bring cupcakes next time we visit! I am sure my kids would be excited about that!

Raising the Rollins' said...

I just love that 'lil babe (and the one(s) on the way)!!!

We were reading a book in the nursery on Sunday and her favorite part was the picture with the b-day party...she made sure to tell me about b-day cakes! I just could eat her up!

The Beaver Bunch said...

Congrats! And, I'll be praying for twins. I've secretly wanted SOMEONE to join my twin club. Right now, I'm the only member. Also, why can't you have 5 kids? Trust me, YOU CAN.

I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to find out how many heartbeats! Even 1 is the biggest miracle.

Nick and Megan said...

Hey, CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so exciting!! If you have twins, you can send me a loaner for practice. Just kidding. :-) Those cupcake pictures are hilariously cute.

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

I has so much fun reading you as always ...

layla really seems to enjoy the cupcakes :) she is so cute !

and congratulations again :) :) :) I just checked the 27th on my agenda.

Natasha said...

First of all...yes, Tiff...I think the Fearless Four made frequent unannounced visits to Lindsey's grandma's house and I never remember leaving hungry or without a huge smile on my face because she cracks me up.

Second...I'm loving the cupcake pictures...she could star in a cupcake commercial...she has that big CHOMP perfected.

Third...I can't explain how excited I am for you and Neil with the discovery of the little one or ones on the way. I can't wait to see what God has in mind...one new Broere or two...fun, fun!! I would love to join you on your pregnancy adventure!!! Keep praying... :)

Love you Lindsey...and glad that you are back in a blogging mood. :) See you tomorrow.