Monday, March 30, 2009


FYI... is having a 50% off Friday sale through the spring.  Each Friday, they'll pick a skirt, and rather than selling it for $49.50, you'll get it for (you guessed it) $24!

If you've never seen their little running skirts, you have to go  by and check them out.  I'm excited enough about the sale to blog about it!  They are so flippin cute and they're practical (pockets for gu, keys, cell phone).  Now I have a special little place for my Uncle Sam refund...well, my little tiny chunk of our Uncle Sam refund.  


Dad said...

I have my order in!!!!!!

Lindsey Broere said...

ha...funny dad...I'm sure you ordered the pink one?

AnniePat said...

hey, email them that you blogged about it, and they might give you a discount!