Monday, March 23, 2009

Daddy Needs a Wipe part 2

Okay so after this weekend, daddy REALLY needs a wipe..probably just the whole stinking box!

This weekend, Neil was off to Savannah with some much anticipated time with his guy friends.  I have dubbed this weekend, "Man Weekend" because I wouldn't want to be around for anything they were doing--which says a lot because I'm not really a girly girl.  They camped out, made campfires, shot their guns, smoked cigars and rode 4 wheelers through the swamps.  They also did NOT shower or shave all weekend.  At least Neil said that he wasn't the only one who came home four shades darker due to the caked up mud on his face.  Seriously, I thought he had a really great tan when he walked in the door...then after his hour long shower...he was back to his normal Spring shade.  I couldn't stop laughing.  And it was nice that when he touched my hand while we were watching TV last night, he felt like he had sandpaper gloves on.  

I think this weekend for Neil was nice on so many different levels.  It believe we live in a world where our men are feeling more and more emasculated--where women are assuming the hunter gather role while our men are getting waxed and manicured.    I won't go any further on this one (I felt myself wanting to get into hyphenated last names and the like) guys know how I feel about the feminist movement.   This weekend, Neil and the guys were able to just enjoy being men (and I kind of enjoyed seeing a "man" walk through my door last night).

So while Neil was off in Savannah, Layla and I held the fort down (sort of) at home.  I enjoyed my alone time with her.  I know I stay at home with her, but its different when Neil is out of town and its girl time.  I don't really worry as much about keeping the house cleaned during the day because no one sees it but me....dinner is more simple because its just the two of us...and we spent a lot of time giggling and snuggling in the morning and at night...just the two of us.  On Saturday morning, Layla spent some quality time with my grandmother while dad and I did a long run.  And we stayed over at my parents on Saturday night so Layla spent some time with my crazy ya yas (aunts) who were over for dinner.  Layla was so sweet this weekend (despite her cold that kept her up on Sunday morning from 2am-4am) and SO happy to see her daddy come home!  Its so much fun to see her get THAT excited about seeing her daddy and wanting to get her little arms around him as quickly as possible.  

I'm thinking of getting a women's day together...not a whole weekend, maybe just a morning and afternoon--my diminishing marginal utility would kick in quickly when I started to miss Neil and Layla after a few hours :-)  So, what to do?  What is so insanely female that the boys would not even want to be around for a minute...hum...pedicures and a romantic comedy anyone?


AnniePat said...

1. i like that you said, "diminishing marginal utility" in a blog post.

2. yes, please--pedicures and rom-coms sounds awesome.

Raising the Rollins' said...

i'm in!!! if only we can keep our men from playing long enough to keep the babies so we can actually have some girl time!

Natasha said...

I'm definitely in...pedis and a tear jerker sounds great. Pick a date and time and I'm there. :)

And, I have to say that I agree with the whole manly man comments...I like a REAL man...sandpaper hands and all. :)