Sunday, March 8, 2009

Repeat as desired

Yesterday was amazing.  Normally on Saturday mornings, I get up extra early to squeeze in a long run before the day starts getting away from me.  I really try to schedule every run while Layla is sleeping to avoid my hobby (running) from interfering with my job (mommy-ing).  Yeah, sometimes I get the two switched around for a hot minute...but the laundry, kitchen sink and a sweet little voice quickly remind me :-)

ANYWAY, because I'm doing my long run this afternoon, I was able to spend a fun morning with Layla.  I'm sure most of you stay-at-home moms would agree that it feels so rare that we get to do the really FUN things.  So, I promised myself yesterday was going to be a special Layla and mommy day (Neil was going to pick up our new KING size pillow top bed from his parents..THANK YOU--sleep never felt so good--now I know why some people really enjoy doing it).  

We started our morning by playing with her big girl undies.  Layla wanted to pretend they were groceries and she was cooking dinner.  So I pretended to eat big girl undies for a solid hour.  I was fortunate to have the chef right there to remind me that I needed to use my fork and not my hands.  Silly me!  We then decided to take the dinner party to Neil and climbed back in the big bed.  We snuggled and talked--and fed daddy big girl undies before making our way to the coffee shop.  Layla LOVES muffins.  I think she likes that she can eat them without having to use her fork and spoon.  So, we went to the Riverwood Coffee Shop for juice and a muffin.  If any of you live in the HAVE to give that place a try.  Layla and I sat outside next to the little goldfish pond under an umbrella.  It was so cozy and the gardens were beautiful. to the "new park".  We spent the rest of our morning at Finch Park with my dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew Bradyn.  Layla  had a blast watching all the other kids and learning new climbing skills.  And I managed to refrain from hovering!  YAY mommy.  I tend to hover.  I have an insane fear of her falling or busting her mouth open...I hover...I am a hover-er.  But not yesterday--and she did great.  And I loved seeing that sense of accomplishment when she climbed the potentially hazardous bars :-) up to the slide.  

So here is a picture of a successful Layla...compliments of Dad :-)

And yes...we fed the ducks--well geese (YIKES), I didn't really see any ducks.  Layla was a hit with those geese too because she just launched the hamburger buns..didn't even tear them into pieces.  They loved her!  

FINALLY, we had my brother's birthday last night at my grandmother's house.  The smell of spring in the air mixed with her cigarette smoke, the feeling of cold grass on my feet (yeah, my grandmother yelled at me for taking my shoes off so early in the season) and the sound of familiar voices made me feel like a kid again.  It was one of those times where you just want to sit back and breathe it all in (not the smoke....) knowing that one day you'll look back and realize how quickly time passed.  I feel so blessed to have a family that I know so have each person's movements etched in my have relationships with each that are so different and so tangible.

Yesterday was perfect.  If it were a bottle of conditioner it would say, "repeat as desired"


Natasha said...

Great post Lupe!!! Sweet, funny, and full of personality! My favorite part was when you were talking about your time at your grandma's house...because I know your family, I have a great mental image of you all playing in the yard. :) What a perfect day!! Thanks for sharing!

Raising the Rollins' said...

Mmmmm, I feel like I was there....funny as it sounds, one of my most vivd memories of my grandfather was the smell of his cigarette...kinda reminds me of home.

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet Baby. Give me life's simple pleasures always. I look forward to this afternoon's run with you and your pals. I love you....Dad

Kristy Labonte: Cool Wind Life said...

Big girl undies. That's so cute!! And yes, Austin is a great photographer. But he would never pursue it.

I love being pregnant. I totally think you should try it again :)

AnniePat said...

awww what a great day. that picture of layla is so beautiful...what a pretty little girl.

cindy and christy said...

haha - thanks for the laugh today - I needed that!

Michelle said...

aw, that's so sweet your dad reads your blog and left a comment! i had to giggle about the undies and read it to adam tee hee!