Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not on Wednesday

Yesterday was different than most other Wednesday mornings. Now that I am a mommy, a day that begins somewhat predictable is a good day. HA--crazy, I know. Anyway, yesterday did not begin that way. It began with a call for mommy very early--normally Layla plays in her crib until almost 8am--what was going on? I walked into her room and she impatiently started reaching for mommy. So I held her and rocked her--and we went downstairs. Normally she plays in the living room or goes to jump on the bed with daddy. Not on Wednesday. I held her all morning. She helped me make coffee, make breakfast, make the bed, put my make-up on, and all the while I was wondering what happened to my little independent, secure girl. Maybe this is her first real touch of separation anxiety? I should add that this little stage is accompanied by some major whininess. Poor Layla.

On a side note, I am teaching Political Science at a local community college. I was informed yesterday that I have been letting my class out too early nearly all semester. APPARENTLY there is some rule out there that the entire hour and fifteen minutes has to be used. So the Academic Leas ion in my department suggested I--wait for it----------talk slower or show videos. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Somehow there is this little part of me who has a serious problem with productivity being measured by the amount of time you spend "on the clock"--more time=more productive and more successful--does that seem a little backwards to anyone? And, I think there must be some part of me that detests being told what to do--I tend to want to rebel...AGGHHH. In fact, Neil made me get out of bed last night and take another shower because my heart was beating so hard. Other than that...the class is going great and I've been so impressed with my students, surprisingly after missing ten minutes of class every day. Really, the grand scheme of life, this little incident is not so important...but I just had to rant! :-)

Back to my sweet little Layla--I hope she doesn't inherit this from her mommy!

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Michelle said...

GAH! The cuteness! I can't stand it!
I can't believe that about not spending enough time at class, that is cr-AZY! Show some movies... lol. Maybe you can show ten minutes each class of Dr. Strangelove haha, by the end of the semester you can watch the whole thing.