Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Opinionated

Well after researching the plastics...and stumbling upon TONS of environmental toxins that I either refused to acknowledge for years or just didn't know family is now microwave/red meat/plastic/corn and almost wheat free! And, yours truly is now wine and cigar free...YIKES. I really didn't even do the wine thing on purpose. For some crazy reason, now that I've started working out more and even RUNNING (yeah..that's right...I'm a runner--HA--not really but I'm just starting to enjoy it), I just haven't been in the mood for wine. And, that is very very strange for me. And I know this is coming---NO---I'm not preggo again :-)

So yeah...a brand new lease on life. This is the first time that I have initiated such a healthy lifestyle. Normally its someone forcing me into doing/not doing something. YAY Lindsey!

On a side note, we had my brother and his wife over for dinner this weekend. Every time we get together, I feel so proud that he's my big brother--and so SO blessed that we have such an amazing and real relationship. He's funny, sweet, protective and he has ALWAYS had my back, but makes sure to quietly tell me when I'm wrong. OH MY GOODNESS I just love him to pieces! So I put a picture up of us just goofing off the other night...

And on the Layla front...nothing really new and big with her. She is (and someone tell me if this is early for her to be doing this) starting to be SUPER opinionated. On Sunday, she insisted on eating her peanut butter sandwich with a spoon. She isn't talking much, so you can imagine how torturous it was for her to wait on mommy to figure out what she was grunting and pointing at. On Monday and Tuesday, she insisted on wearing her Uggs. She picked them out of her little closet and started trying to put them on her feet. So I asked her if she wanted to wear them--she nodded her head and came over to sit in my lap. Little Miss Opinionated....ohhhh I hope she stays that way.


Only Servants Ministries said...

Thanks for the SAUCE!! I hope you weren't in the kitchen all day slaving over the stove. The sad part is, I didn't get to taste your hormone free spaghetti sauce. :( My stomach felt like it did the night we got married. You know in 100 knots and I couldn't bare to put a single bite of anything in my mouth. Ugh! I may have made a plate full at our wedding, but I just looked at it. I couldn't swallow it.
Any way- love the blog. So glad I found it!
Thanks again for being part of Saturday.

PS You might have to go to your preferences and change that word verification thing. I really suck at them and I can NEVER get it right! All it does is frustrates the poo outta me. Maybe I'm a virus.... or whatever the point of those things are.

Michelle said...

Tee! baby uggs! did not know they made those, except i should have guessed i suppose there is a whole baby gap and probably baby bebe too somewhere lol.
eating a pbj with a spoon. haha. i do that sometimes too. ;P
i will write another post soon about reducing toxin exposure. :)

Only Servants Ministries said...

Cookout. YOu got it. As soon as I get this house cleaned up, you'll be receiving a phone call from team thompson inviting team broere and team Rollins over for some delicious grilled.... grilled.... something.