Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Freschetta IS betta

I have really REALLY been blessed with the most amazing sister-in-law. In fact, to even call her that seems to minimize how important she is to me and how incredible our relationship is. Anyway, we normally get together every Monday night (it has since moved to Tuesday night to accommodate our spring TV schedule) to indulge our guilty pleasure of watching Hollywood smut. So we watch E! news (if they can even call "that" news) and enjoy pizza and wine. I always look forward to Monday (Tuesday) nights.

Just recently, I have been introduced to the frozen varieties of pizza via my Tuesday wine/pizza/smut night. Pizza was a food that I ABSOLUTELY hated pre-pregnancy, but now I love it. I noticed that Freschetta pizza had something about it that was strangely familiar. I was searching for online coupons (one of the many new roles I perform as a full-time mommy) and I stumbled upon something most fantastic. Freschetta is owned by Schwann's! Unbelievable. Schwann's...the pizza my grandmother used to feed me until I thought I'd turn into a piece of small, cubed pepperoni! Have you ever figured something like that out and felt really proud. Maybe I'm just very strange. I felt so proud...I had to write about it.



Michelle said...

haha, that's funny! Schwanns, we used to get them delivered, ice cream and pizza from the yellow truck! how could you hate pizza? i can't eat the stuff since i became lactose intolerant!

Lindsey Broere said...

Yeah...Schwann's is THE BEST. I was always fond of the holiday ice cream tin :-)

Lactose intolerant...yuck. So that means no ice cream or yogurt? Or is yogurt okay...I forget.

OH-do you watch Work Out on Bravo? Some girl our age--very healthy (a dancer) was treated for thyroid cancer. That is crazy. I feel like I've been hearing about that left and right lately!