Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sugar, spice and everything muddy

So....no belly pictures, but this little video clip will do. As a little side note, Neil and I just bought a Flip Video camera...sort of looks like an iPod...and WE LOVE IT. Its portable and easy and could quickly take the place of all of our still photos. And best of all, its Mac compatible (whew). Who knew it would be so hard to find a video making device that was Mac compatible!

This little ditty was taken at 21 weeks--OVER HALF WAY THROUGH the pregnancy (OKAY-you are going to have to go to YouTube to see me...this blog template cut off part of the video). I feel like I have---ehhheemm Neil has--so much more to do before baby girl gets here :-) This is Layla's favorite place on Earth. The funny thing is that she has no desire to look at or eat the candy, its mostly about all the stuffed animals. You can see from the video that she makes a bee line straight past the lollipops, bubble gum and chocolates (unlike her mommy) for the teddy bears and pink poodles :-)

Finally, this little clip is my new favorite. Make sure you notice Layla little hands. She was playing in the mud--while wearing a little girlie pink outfit. In this clip, she was helping daddy put together our new porch fans. She put together her outfit--complete with camo hat and pencil--so that she could be just like her daddy.


Natasha said...

First of all, the candy store was classic. I just love the fact that she gets to experience that feeling of walking to a candy store in her hometown. Not many places allow that opportunity anymore.

Finally, Daddy's little helper...that's precious! Neil is so patient...what a great, hands on daddy! And, yes, I love the camo hat and I especially love the pencil behind her ear.

Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy a smile when watching the Layla clips. :)

this, that and the other.... said...

How sweet.... both of the films! I just love the confidence Layla shows when she walks in the candy store and knows her way around!
And what a good "daddy's helper" she is and then, Layla's style.... her daddy's hat with her sweet little outfit is priceless!