Monday, July 27, 2009

Just say NO

Hey guys...I'm sorry for being MIA for a while. I've started running in the mornings--and Layla has started waking up earlier so all of my blogging time is GONE! I could probably squeeze something out at night...but I get REALLY lazy once Layla is down for bed and my cup of ice cream starts calling my name.

Speaking of running...its still going great. I'm starting to slow down a little and my muscles are starting to ache after longer runs. I guess its the shift in my center of gravity that is putting strain on some random muscles--which makes for a great workout. My 20 week check up was great...and the doctor said everything was super with the ultrasound. I'll try to get a tummy picture up soon because guys...ITS FINALLY GROWING like whoa. YAY!

And Layla...sweet little Layla. I'm sure you other parents out there can understand this predicament--Neil and I are having to really discipline her over something she picked up from a neighbor's child (who, by the way, disrespected both parents and wasn't corrected..YIKES). Our sweet little Layla has started saying "NO"--I should say yelling "NO" at both the most random and well placed times. Yesterday she woke up during the middle of her nap...sat up in bed...yelled "NO" and then went back to sleep. BUT, I think we are making progress. The last few times she yelled it at her stuffed animal friends--she ran to me, buried her head in my shoulder and cried--without me saying a word. So hopefully what comes next is her learning some self restraint with that word and learning how to say "no" appropriately. That's a hard one, guys...most adults don't learn how to speak politely and that sometimes you have to do things you'd rather not. AYE AYE AYE....I love this age--its challenge.

I hate to finish this up early, but I'm heading out the door to get a little 7 mile run in with my dad--its his birthday fun run :-) So stop by his website and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...he'd love it.


Natasha said...

Oh NO! :) (he, he) Not an easy problem to correct! You and Neil will get it figured two are great parents. This will all end up being a good life lesson in the end. Sweet, sweet Layla! :)

Chasity's.Photography said...

Where is a good place to take engagment pics? Any suggestions?

The Caldwells said...

Hi Girl! It was great to see you guys this weekend. Layla is such a sweet and funny child. Hang in there with the "no" thing. I know it can be frustrating trying to bring up these little charmers just the right way.


Dad said...

Great post Lindsey.... man I love that little girl. I will let you know if you are being to hard on her, but of course you probably shouldn't listen to me! I enjoyed our morning run. I hope we can do it 20 years from now!