Wednesday, June 3, 2009

everything about nothing, really

Few things...
I just sold my first 8mm wedding package :-)  Talk about an accomplishment.  It feels really good.  The bride and groom are from DC and the groom's grandfather worked for Kodak for 40 years.  SO, he was really familiar with Super 8 film and seems super excited.  For more of my thoughts on this, you can look at my other "business" blog ;)

Hummm so what else.  
Layla is doing great...up to her same old things...last night after putting her down for bed, I realized that her window unit air conditioner (YES, our house was built in 1940 so even though we have central air, the upstairs gets HOT and her room needs a window thing) came unplugged.  Because our house is so old, none of the outlets work like they are supposed to.  There is apparently a certain "touch" to getting the plug back into the wall and making the air conditioner work.  I found out that I do not have that touch.

SO as I'm struggling..UNDER her get the air on, I hear her little voice say, "peek a boo mommy...I see your bum".  At that point, I should have giggled at myself and her, but I was way to focused on getting the air conditioner plugged in and getting downstairs to my OJ and club soda (new pregnancy favorite, which I will discuss in a minute).   I told her to lay down, it was time for night night.  So she obliged and went into her third verse of "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore".  I guess I was making too much noise huffing and puffing because she stopped mid verse, looked over the edge of the crib and YELLED, "Hey mommy, what you doin' down there so loud".  In other words, keep it down, I'm trying to get some sleep up here.

Needless to say, after 10 minutes, I called in daddy to fix it...Layla seemed relieved that help was on the way--help she could trust would get it taken care of.  Daddy did, only 30 seconds.  Incredible.

WELL, running is going great.  I'm still doing about 35 miles a week running and 7 or so walking.  I've found that I can't think when I walk like I do when I I tend to opt for a run over a walk and only walk on days that my friend Toddy comes over.  

I'm finished with the yuck-o sickness, but still don't have much of an appetite--except for almonds, cottage cheese, yogurt, OJ and club soda, Total Bran Flakes, fruit and anything with tomatoes.  I still don't really have an appetite for two of my pre-pregnancy favorites, ice cream and popcorn...but I've gotten my appetite back for graham crackers and peanut butter...YAY!

okay so I think that's all of my little "everything about nothing" post....
hopefully next week will be a little more eventful or I'll be feeling a little more inspired to blog.

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Natasha said...

But...I like the uneventful blogs...I feel like I'm walking with you as I read. The ordinary everyday stuff is fun!! :)