Monday, June 22, 2009

Pinkerbelle the Great

Today we had our first experience with REAL LIFE pretend.  

Let me start by saying Layla got a book at a birthday party as part of a book exchange.  It didn't surprise me that she picked the book with a GIANT pink cupcake on the front...if you know her at all, you know that she LOVES cake...especially cupcakes and most especially pink ones with glittery frosting (I know...I'm still not sure where she gets it from) :-) ANYWAY, once we got home from the birthday party we had to read the book right away.  I was surprised to see how much of a brat the main character was.  Neil and I have had to change the words in the book to protect our sweet Layla just a little longer.  Had I read the book before, I would not have let her take it home...its THAT bad.  Just in case any of you moms out there want to know for reference, its called "Pinkalicous" and trust me...its awful--or was awful until we did some parental editing.

So today, while jumping on the trampoline, Layla decided she was no longer Layla Antoinette but was Pinkerbelle.  In fact, she asked that I not call her anything but Pinkerbelle.  I couldn't even call her sweetie or monkey or anything.   Only Pinkerbelle.  Then she insisted I take her swimsuit off because it was "green and Pinkerbelle is pink".  So my little naked Pinkerbelle jumped on the trampoline until lunch.  And before her nap, she wore nothing but a pink cape (blanket) around her room.

After her nap (which wasn't really a nap because she played the whole time), I thought the little game of pretend would be over.  Not so soon.  She woke up telling me she was a boy.  She only wanted to do "boy things" at the park and wanted to be called, "just Boy" all night long.  At the dinner table, she thought she could get away with bad manners by claiming she was Boy and boys stand in their seats and yell inside.  Fortunately her daddy is a great example and we foiled her plan by letting her know that daddy was a boy and boys eat dinner just like daddy.  When daddy left to smoke cigars with the boys tonight, Layla was somewhat mystified that she was not invited to the little soiree.  She didn't let up ALL night.  In fact, I had to refer to her as Boy during our prayers.  

I hope tomorrow morning my sweet little Layla girl is back because Boy is WILD and Pinkerbelle is kind of demanding :-)


The Beaver Bunch said...

Hahaha. At least she's not a transvestite mix of Pinkerbelle & Just Boy. Then she'd be demanding and wild.

Humm...sounds a lot like Lucas.

AnniePat said...

that is HILARIOUS!

Raising the Rollins' said...


And yes, boys do stand up in their seats at dinner and have no so sophisticated manners...even at such a young age!

Anonymous said...


Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

so so funny ... I really needed this. thanks for sharing and plesae give layla a big hug from me.

Natasha said...

After visiting with her today, I can say that I think - "Layla is back." - at least for right now. I can't wait to read/hear what character she becomes next. The pretend world is a fun place - sometimes I wish I could go to the pretend world. :)