Monday, May 4, 2009

Whatever you want

Mom and dad came over for dinner on Saturday night.  They were keeping my nephew Bradyn for the night, and sort of...slightly...invited themselves over to have dinner and go to the park.  I don't guess it qualifies as "inviting yourself over" when you bring the ENITRE meal.  It was more like, "hey...let me come to your on your baby AND then cook you dinner". It doesn't get any better than that--it was a real blessing.  Dad and I ran 12 miles that morning...and I took Layla to a little spring festival shortly after I got back home from the run.  Layla didn't take a nap that I was more than tired.  Momma to the rescue.  Mom and dad came over at around 5:00 with bags of groceries and Bradyn in tow.  

Layla and Bradyn have FINALLY started playing so well together.  There are about 2 1/2 years between them, so the first two years were sort of touch and go between the two of them.  Layla is finally understanding that she can't knock down all of Bradyn's building blocks and Bradyn has started really wanting to take care of her.  They actually do so much better when they're left alone to play.  I was hoping they'd do good together Saturday night...but Layla was tired and grumpy...and Bradyn spent the majority of the afternoon at a birthday party.  YIKES.

They were so happy to see each other.  Everything was great guess it...the dinner table.  After taking Layla to another room and talking to her twice about table manners, we decided that we'd all be better off if we let her down from the table to go play.  She was a little whiny as she walked around the table to Bradyn.  The dialogue went something like this:

Bradyn:  What's wrong with Layla?
Me:  She's just a little grumpy.
Bradyn (to Layla):  You tell me what you want, Layla, and I'll get it for you (in that kind of "my intention is to make you rotten" voice...the same I've heard their papa use--hummmm). 
Layla:  French fries with dip
Bradyn (picking the BEST and biggest one from his plate and dipping it):  Here you go Layla.
Layla:  Thank you (big smile).

I think my heart kind of melted :-)  It is so funny and sweet at the same time to hear them communicating--like little adults or something?  

Here's a picture of them sharing an ice cream sandwich prior to running around in the dirt at the park.  Dirt + ice cream=dirty dirty dirty faces and hands...adorable ones, but dirty.


AnniePat said...

that is so sweet!! cousins are the best!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

this is so sweet ... I am definitely considering to dig a tunnel "underseas" ...still have to find the ...appropriate tool ...if I sart digging now, how long do you think it will take ??? I want to be a part of this too :) :)

lovely lovely story ... I have some genuine TRUE friendship stories with some of my cousins (I have plenty ...especially on my mother's side... when I say plenty is it over 30) ...those are the kind of relations that help to you grow up and help you "to navigate" through childhood ...

Michelle said...

i have an X-Vest (40#) which I bought on ebay, they have the best prices and free shipping. I don't know if I would use it to run with though - adding impact on the joints and all... but you'd prolly know more about that than me!

Natasha said...

Very sweet! Truly adorable! Sometimes kids just need to talk with each other about what's going on...they seem to know how to make "everything okay". :) I'm so proud of both of them for "using their words"...a technique that I am still teaching fifth graders on a daily basis. :) I may need to borrow Layla and Bradyn as examples. :)