Monday, May 11, 2009

Boys do this

So I feel like I have a ton of updates and thoughts are kind of jumbled up.  So stick with me...this may get confusing :-)

My latest cravings:
So I'm having the strangest cravings and inclinations.  I am going crazy over spicy stuff and can barely stomach the thought of anything sweet.  Neil and I had a date with some friends at PF Changs the other week...I could have licked the bowl of that Chinese spicy mustard.  Seriously...somebody get me some wasabi or something.  I way WAY more than sprinkled red pepper flakes on my bowl of soup was so hot I was sweating.  It probably could have stood a little more heat though :-) I also covered a bowl of popcorn with black pepper last night and dipped a saltine in Frank's hot sauce.  Strange.  My friend, Toddy, told me I was probably having another red head...YAY.

Running while preggo:
I woke up early (like...5:30 am early) on Saturday morning to do a long run with dad.  It was a beautiful morning...and I was so happy to be out.  Its funny, now little 12 mile runs feel like such an accomplishment.  Each time I complete a run, I wonder how much longer I'm going to be able to really enjoy it--and keep my pace up.  I guess I'm just thankful each time I get a nice run in.  I have yet to pee my pants (THANK GOODNESS)...and I'm pretty thankful for that too.  Right now, my running milage is around 30-32 miles a week (a big change from 50+ miles a week).  I'm kind of enjoying running for the fun of it.

My yard:
My oh my..I need to take some pictures.  My mother has worked some magic in my formerly pitiful little yard.  She surprised me the other day (a Mother's Day surprise) by planting a beautiful perennial bed.  I'm so excited to see it grow (assuming I can remember to take care of all my little pretties).  

My Layla An:
She gets funnier every single day.  She has been really into learning her friends' "whole names".  Her favorites are Natasha Bumgarner (must be all the syllables), Sharon Lambros, and Jerry Murdock.  She also likes refer to herself as Layla Antoinette Broere.  In fact, we had a conversation like this after he nap today:

Mommy:  Boy, you are sweaty.  
Layla:  No mommy.  I'm Layla Antoinette Broere.  I not sweaty mommy.  Mommy is Lindsey and Daddy is Neil.  No sweaty mommy.

My bad...I had no idea that she had gotten so literal all of the sudden.

She was also playing pretty rough tonight.  She has a little plastic ball...well a BIG plastic ball that is her new favorite toy.  Tonight, she was running full speed at her ball and flipping over it.  She looked over at me and said, "Mommy, I'm a boy.  Boys do dis.  Boys do tings like dis."  I asked her what girls do, if boys play so wild.  She grabbed her blankie, smiled a sweet little fake smile and BLINKED HER EYES.  Where in the world is she getting this stuff?  She doesn't watch TV except for an occasional Super Why episode (not because I am anti TV really..she just doesn't like it).   Maybe its the Fancy Nancy book.  I'm kind of glad she likes to play rough.  I love that she adores purses and fancy dress up clothes...but will put her worms in her purse and sit in the dirt while wearing her cute little dress ups. I guess that's all for now.  Thanks for hanging in there.  


this, that and the other.... said...

I love the "this and that" of your post, especially about Layla. She is a funny little girl!

Dad said...

We should go to Ted's with uncle Mike and get some xxx hot chicken wangs. That will satisfy your craving for hot stuff!!!

Michelle said...

worms in her purse... HA!

AnniePat said...

ohhhh that layla is a laugh a minute!! so funny!

Natasha said...

Your next little red head is going to be just as sweet as Layla bean. She's growing so quickly. What an observant young lady! :)

I can relate to the spicy latest "gotta have"...cheese quesidillas. Yum! I just have to make my own with wheat tortillas and low fat cheese. If not, little Toddy could grow much too quickly eating Mexican food (he, he). :)

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

your daughter is so sweet and funny !!! how blessed you are :)