Friday, May 22, 2009

Feel that baby

What you probably can tell is that I've been slack in my blogging lately...what you probably can't tell is that I've been slack in housework too.  Its not really that nothing is getting is..but it takes me FOREVER.  I can't seem to finish tasks like I've always done.  I get the floor swept, but not mopped and then by the time I remember to mop, I have to sweep again.  Laundry...UGH..I get it washed and dried but not folded.  So, my ironing pile is through the roof and staring at me every single night.  I finally moved it into another room, hoping the wrinkles would just fall out and the clothes would put themselves up.  It hasn't worked yet...but I'm expecting a surprise any day now.

I say all this to say that I believe that there must be a such think as pregnancy ADHD.  I'm convinced, in fact.  I have never lacked focus like I have over the past few weeks and its frustrating.  I'm actually considering making a list and checking off things once I've completed them.  

Switching gears...I was a little bored with the whole "ADHD" bit (HA)

Layla felt the little peanut move for the first time.  Right now, its these random little bubbly feelings in my belly that I only feel when I sit quietly after being busy.  The little one goes CRAZY after I run--I take it as a sign that he/she must really like the ride.  But last night she was on my lap and felt my belly move.  Her eyes got huge and she begged me to "see dat baby right now".  So I laid down on the floor and she inspected my belly for signs of a baby.  She looked in my belly button and became quite frustrated that she couldn't see it.  I told her the baby was inside mommy's belly, so we couldn't see it for a while, but we can feel it, talk to it, sing to it and listen to it.  SO, she put her ear to my belly and giggled like crazy when she heard the baby (shhh...really it was just my stomach digesting dinner...but I couldn't tell her that).  She started kissing my belly and talking to the baby and THEN discovered she could do THIS:

Blowing the baby from Black Daffodil Films on Vimeo.

She's going to be so much fun with this new baby....I can tell already...


this, that and the other.... said...

just it!!!!!!!

Natasha said...

I agree with the pregnancy ADHD thing...I have struggled myself lately...especially at work. Yes, Layla is going to have a blast with her new baby sister! She already loves her "babies" so much - this real life one will amaze her. :)