Friday, October 24, 2008

Kids and Kin


Layla continues to surprise me.  For the past two or three days, she's been REALLY into counting.  She counts steps...cereal...crayons....buttons on my name it, it has been counted.  I am surprised that she's able to count to 10 already.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised--I don't know at what age they are supposed to do that kind of thing?

AND our night routine has been really strange.  She's pulling out all the stops to avoid sleep...she's requesting additional in her crib...more singing.  She's already memorized both of her night night songs and actually puts out some pretty good background vocals--she stays about a word behind me.  Its so cute that I can't help but keep singing them over and over.  Right now...I can hear her singing Baby Mine (Dumbo theme song) over the monitor.  I looked at our little TV screen monitor and saw that she's rocking her bunny.  Poor bunny must be fighting his nap too :-)

Dad and I have still been doing our speed work at the track and tempo training every other week.  The past couple of Saturday runs have been used to practice pacing.  Last Saturday we did great...we averaged 8:20 miles which is enough to qualify us for Boston!  YAY!  AND this Wednesday at the track, we ran our 6th mile repeat in 7:22 and in 42 degree weather--and this clip instantly came to my head

Dad told me last Saturday that he has something up his sleeve for this weekend.  I'm afraid its going to be super hard...he said it would really test my mental toughness and physical strength.  Now...I don't know what that could mean...Maybe we are sprinting up Grandfather Mountain (please NO)  or maybe we are running a slow, short run and gearing up for our three 20+ mile runs?  I don't know...but rest assured that I'll write about it.


The Beaver Bunch said...

Layla is so stinkin' cute. You'd never guess she was traumatized yesterday by my gaggle of children.

AnniePat said...

awww layla is so SMART! it's so fun that she's pretending and coming up with her own ideas now.

btw, is it weird that i am loving neil's blog??

Natasha said...

Yes, that clip was perfect!!! Were your eyes frozen and were you talking with a lisp? I love that movie...Landis and I watch that movie every Christmas Eve as we open our Christmas presents. Believe it or not...I'm getting kind of psyched about Christmas now.

Layla counting!!! That's great!!! The key to the question, "Should she be counting yet?" is that you are raising the bar and working with her so she is capable of whatever (1) she is interested in and (2) what she gets help with. You are a great mom Linds!!!

I enjoyed my time with Layla at the coffee shop yesterday. It's always thrilling to me that she always remembers who I am!!! :)