Wednesday, October 8, 2008

80% happy

YES..I am that mom...

That mom who is just now getting around to completely weaning her 20 MONTH OLD!
That mom who has put her baby down for bed every night (except for maybe two or three) for her entire 20 months...It just kind of happened that way, for some reason--but definitely not on purpose
That mom who was hoping when my mom put my baby down for bed last night that she'd at least cry for a mili second and ask for me :-)  

She didn't.  I listened for 20 minutes over the baby monitor as my mom sang and hummed to Layla and then put her in her crib without even a tiny whimper...not even a little tiny "mama"
I told mom when she came back downstairs that I was 80% happy that Layla went down so easy without me but 20% sad...maybe its more of a 90-10 split..but you get the point.  Holding on tight and letting go at the same time...strange concept.

TODAY Layla and I went out to buy new fall/winter shoes.  This was our third shoe hunting trip in two weeks.  Here is a little taste of shoe shopping with my fashionista Layla and a mommy who chokes on making a decision when overwhelmed with choices.  Layla ran around the store picking up the TACKIEST shoes she could find...Pepto pink, glittery boots with pink furry pom poms--pink, purple and teal sparkly shoes with lights--do you get the idea--and brought them all to me.  I had to put each shoe on her little foot as she marched around the store excited about her "new shoes".  She had the shoe ladies ROLLING with laughter.  I hated to break it to her so harshly...I mean...she's only a toddler.  BUT I told her that mommy could not afford to buy her the BEAUTIFUL plain brown mary janes AND the very nice pink furry boots.  We'd have to pick one (picture mommy holding up the brown shoes with a look of excitement on my face--DID NOT WORK).  She looked at me...said "no" (very matter of fact) to the plain brown shoe and ran to the front of the store with her pink glitter furry boots AND the box.  In retrospect, I should have bought the pink furry boots--I mean in the grand scheme of things, who really cares as much as Layla does about her own shoes.  I didn't--really. BUT I did not make a single purchase.  All of the sudden Rack Room became like K&W with all the choices and decisions...I froze...and decided it best to leave, collect myself and return again for trip number 4 :-)

Sweet little Layla and her flair for fashion.  I was quite surprised that she didn't make a peep when we put both shoes back and left the store empty handed.  YAY..public tantrum avoided! She did talk about shoes..all the way home.  So please, if you see my child running around with awful pink boots and say...a red shirt...really, just tell her how much you love her shoes.  HA!


Michelle said...

oh get her the boots. you only live once!! :D she seems to have things all figured out on her own - hehe!

Natasha said...

Oh my goodness...that's hilarious!! I can picture the entire shoe store trip. I'm surprised you were able to get out of there without the pink boots...I bet trip #4 will result in some type of "Layla shoe decision"...I can't wait to see what shoes she chooses. Hey...maybe she's going to be the trendsetter at school instead of the trend follower. :)

this, that and the other.... said...

Hey Linds,
I loved, loved, loved snuggling with Layla! She actually acted like she enjoyed my singing and humming and you and I both know I cannot carry a tune. Thanks for the privilege; it was a special time with Layla I will forever cherish!
Can't wait to see her in her pink boots. You know I just have to go with you next time and get them for her, she has to have then!