Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good morning Hanna and I finished up a short little 16.5 mile run today.  We got started about 7am and were DRENCHED by 7:05am.  I think both of us were a little worried that the wind would pick up,  along with the rain, at somewhere around 12 miles.  SO even though we planned on doing a 12 mile run with 6 miles in the middle at near race pace...we opted to wait on that and just to stay close to downtown (just in case the rain tried to wash us away).  

FORTUNATELY...despite dad's and my musing about how, after commenting about the rain not being too bad,  God may want to surprise us by piling on the rain and wind--you know, to see if we were up for the challenge....the rain let up after about 7 miles.  Though our feet were still squishy and our clothes were drenched, we enjoyed a nice finish to our run.  No hot rain...just clouds and some traffic.  It was a perfect day to run and we were both so happy that we risked looking like complete nut jobs for a couple of miles to enjoy a great day on the road.

I added to play list to sum up our run...we started with crazy rain...then wind...then beautiful skies.  What a defiantly deserved its own play list.  Hopefully I can keep up with it and change it periodically :-)  We'll see.  

OH btw...Neil and I have attempted to start using a chair for Layla when she is disobedient.  I really thought she was the type of child who would do well with that sort of "punishment".  HA...sadly mistaken.  After being put in her chair just once for hitting, she proceeded, later in the day, to hit her Harvey bear and THEN place herself in the chair---sitting quietly with her eyes closed.  I had to make a very quick exit because was laughing hysterically.  Aye Aye Aye....back to the drawing board. 


Natasha said...

Linds...I love the playlist. :)

Wow!! What dedication you and your dad have. You know...dedication leads to pride and stubborness, I think, after Layla's chair incident, that we can say that maybe she has picked up some of your dedication. :) The good news is...with her dedication (a.k.a. stubborness), she is going to be a very independent, successful young lady...just like her mom.

Love ya...

Michelle said...

oh man, you RAN in that? I schlepped over to the gym and got drenched in about 5 minutes!

too funny about Layla - though I still think the chair might work out? maybe you should try it a few more times. my parents made us stand with our noses in the corner - haha! When we moved out of our house in Las Vegas, there were little nose prints going up the wall in the corner of the bedroom from where we'd grown.