Saturday, September 13, 2008

Discipline-not to be confused with denying myself chocolate cake in massive amounts

Dad and I had a great run today.  We started at 5am to avoid the heat (and to make certain he could make it to Bradyn's soccer game at 9:30) and it was BEAUTIFUL.  At one point, it was so quiet that dad said he felt like the rapture had taken place--good thing it didn't or we'd be in a very tight spot :-)

We've been hanging out at 16.5 miles for the past two weeks so that dad can map out the rest of our plan for conquering Charlotte and qualifying for Boston.  I know that we will eventually run 26.2 miles in preparation for Charlotte..but we'll do them much much much slower than on race day.  We also talked about doing a 16.2 mile run at some point that is at race pace--YIKES!  I guess that's the magic number for a run being long enough to prep our bodies and minds but short enough not to lower our performance in Charlotte.  All this planning....crazy!

Okay in case you all were starting to miss my "things I learned" section...its back.  I are welcome :D
Things I Learned While Running Today:
(1) Gu Roctane is the jam.  That stuff is AMAZING! It has an amino acid blend that actually slows the lactic acid build up in your muscles (the stuff that make your muscles burn and your limbs feel SUPER heavy).  Plus, it comes in blueberry flavor which is pretty good by "gel" standards.  I know I've already sang the praise
s of Gu...but you really can't beat the Roctane
(2)  Long hills actually feel pretty darn good on long runs.  Yeah, I said it.  I think it must have been all the hill repeats that make just one or two hills in a row seem like a cake walk (speaking of cake...I believe I might..chocolate...with chocolate icing).  
(3)  I've been working a lot on bringing discipline to several areas of my life--obviously not in the areas that effect cake consumption--one I continue to struggle with is knowing when and how to keep my comments to myself.  I'm doing a pretty good job of it today (baby steps, right?).  I've already kept my mouth shut TWICE...even though I felt like I had some wisdom to impart...HA!  Those of you who know me well should be very proud.
(4)  Make note of this...PLEASE make note of this.  At about 16 miles, dad informed me that we had been running the last mile at race pace and that we should feel, on race day, like we did at that very moment--as far as our breathing and talking pattern go.  
Let me back up...I asked him on Wednesday during speed work if we would be able to have   our normal conversations on race day.  He informed me that we'd probably be breathing to heavy and focusing too much on the run to really talk.  WHAT?  Everything suddenly became much clearer.  December 13th is not going to be a long easy run...who was I kidding. We are going to run our legs oh man am I excited!  Seriously...I can't wait. finished up his thing about our breathing rhythm with the following, "but I don't really know about you.  You are in as good of shape as me now...maybe even better." NOT true, but I'll take it.  Thanks for the encouragement dad...that was a very nice thing to say :-)

I'm closing with a picture of my sweet Layla...she has started really hamming it up for the camera.  Neil and I are trying so hard to teach her the "senior picture pose".  I think she's starting to get the hang of it.


Natasha said...

So...I'm confused...did you eat the chocolate cake or not?? It sure sounds like you deserved it after that long run at 5am!!!

Lindsey Broere said... lazy to make one :-)

I did, however, have ice cream...TWO SCOOPS

Monday--you, me and 12 miles of wonderful asphalt

AnniePat said...

awww, you can really see how beautiful layla is gonna be in this pic.