Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bang for my buck

Apparently my words were offensive. The BIG gigantic zero in the comment box sends a clear message :-) Or, like I told myself last could be that my husband did the offending. Yeah...I'll just throw him under the bus.'s something a little lighter. Okay...a lot lighter..but offensive all the same.

Edy's ice cream. What in the world is up with those folks. My first post ever...okay maybe second or tenth...was about the incredible shrinking Edy's ice cream. They really pulled the wool over my eyes by mysteriously shrinking the ice cream container. Passing off the smaller ice cream as the normal size without even a word. I compared it to turning in a research paper typed in Courier New rather than Times New Roman font--you know, giving the illusion that you typed 10 pages worth of stuff when really you just typed 7.

Well, surprise surprise. I was at the store last night and found the Edy's has now expanded the size of their ice cream BUT they are calling it a bonus buy....20% more free. Really. Boy, now I feel like a winner. I'm finally getting what I paid for. Sheesh.

I sure would like to be in the board room when they discuss these kind of marketing tactics. They must really thing the consumer is a dummy. I guess I am. I bought some. Yep. I did. And for a hot minute, I felt like a winner. Until I remembered that I didn't really find a bargain buy on ice cream. I was just finally getting what was normal two years ago. I finally out grew my mini-Edy's. Great. I feel for it.

The slow churned butter pecan was wonderful, by the way :-) The indigestion after realizing that I wasn't the bargain shopper I thought I was was terrible.


...Of All Nations said...

Well I loved your post!

Unknown said...

I thought it was a great post... :)

~Pam D

Kristen Thompson said...

I thought it was a great post too...gave us all a lot to think about!


Anonymous said...

That's why I loathe the song "I am a friend of God." So cheesy, and like you said watered down.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you know I LOVED your post! Right on point and right on time. I love you and praise Jesus for the boldness you have in Him.-CEB

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe that! I probably wouldn't have even noticed. I have heard that Wal Mart does something similar... they get special packages just for Wal Mart, but they have fewer items (like 72 diapers instead of 90 in a package) and then they advertise you're saving 20% over their competition (when really the package costs less, but you get less, and per diaper it ends up costing MORE!) grrr.

I went and read your post, I didn't think it was offensive! It gave me some food for thought :)

Quick How said...

Thank you very much