Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scent of a Woman

So a good friend of mine...who works at The Dispatch and who walks at the track where I almost always finish up my runs, posed this very interesting question to me yesterday. I laughed out loud--especially when I thought of why these women may be doing what they are doing....

Why do women spray themselves with perfume before going out for a run? (I think he has found that it isn't a slight scent of perfume, rather a dousing of perfume)

I am sure there are a ton of reasons why that makes perfect sense to a lot of women. For me...there is only one reason. I have been known to wear the same running shirt/bra two or three days in a row. There. Its out. So in order to save those who I BLAZE by (ha!) from my trail of two day old sweat...I sometimes spray perfume on said shirt/bra. Sometimes. Rarely. Maybe I've done this twice (okay...maybe more than twice). I can hardly take it. Perfume makes me gag...I'd rather smell sweat...but I'm sure not everyone feels the same.

SO--I pose this question--anyone out you spray before you run or workout?

QUICK little catch-up on sweet Adalei--

That girl is crawling...full on military crawl. And she's imitating sounds. Agh...they get big TOO fast. Breaks my heart. She's sometimes sleeping through the night (from 7pm to 7am) and sometimes waking up once at around 3:30 and then sometimes on more unfortunate nights :-) she wakes up twice--especially now that she's working on cutting her top two teeth!

I have some video of her I am waiting to upload and will post. She gets sweeter by the day. I think she takes after her big sister!


Michelle said...

so fun! can't wait too see the videos.

the perfume thing? maybe they are coming from work or somewhere they had perfume on already and you can smell it more when they start to sweat?

Ashley Hilliard Gabriel said...

This is funny. I have noticed this at the gym. It is terrible when you are in the middle of working out and you get a thick cloud of perfume. I am with you........just leave it alone. I don't think you are required to smell "fresh" while pouring sweat!

Karen Slate said...

I'm right there with you on that one sweetie ... and then there's the jewelry but, too each his own! I really, really don't understand the perfume thing although on occasion I do apply a little lotion ... does that count?

Adalei is such a sweet thing and watching the way she is going after things, military style, is quite entertaining! Oh yes, they do grow up way too fast.

Natasha said..., I'll confess...yes, I've sprayed "perfume like" sprays on me before running. Actually...what I used was that Bath and Body Works mist stuff...anyone know what I mean?

I can't wait to see video of Adalei. We have got to get Adalei and Luke together...maybe Adalei can help Luke with the crawling...:)

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