Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Single and working...

Single, working mothers...my hat is off to you!

Several months ago, I was contacted by an old high school classmate who expressed interest in me photographing his wedding. I felt pretty confident that I could do it...more importantly, Dad seemed confident that I could do it...so I set up a meeting with the sweet little couple. My meeting was yesterday morning.

My wonderful little husband, who would ordinarily jump at the chance to have both girls to himself, had procrastinated on a couple of jobs that needed to be complete before he took off to Kentucky yesterday afternoon, leaving me to wrangle both girls AND meet with the happy couple to talk photography. Great.

So I got both girls dressed and fed, myself dressed, all of our stuff together and off we went. I have to admit, I felt half dressed and scattered--ALREADY. There is nothing like a 3 year old who has absolutely no concept of time and a mommy who is in a hurry. I detest when I get us into those situations--because I become impatient (read *selfish*) and Layla acts out accordingly.

When we are finally in the car, I turn to Layla to apologize for our less than stellar morning and vow that the day will get better. We arrive at the bookstore with 5 minutes to spare...SWEET! I decided to just bring in a diaper and the wipes container for Adalie...you know, my hip factor decreases slightly with a huge diaper bag and I have to look hip and professional for my meeting (you know, as professional as you can with two little ones in tow). Anyway, Adalei was just waking up from a nap in her car seat...but what on Earth was that stench. I asked Layla if she smelled something...she sniffed and gagged. Yep. Poop...baby poop. Nice. Thank goodness for that extra 5 minutes. Off we go the restroom.

I unbuckle sweet little stinky Adalei and my hand slides (yes...SLIDES) into something wet and gooey. I knew it...not just a yucky diaper, but an explosive one. There is poop EVERYWHERE. Layla is gagging like crazy and I am trying to maintain composure. Adalei's change of clothes were in the diaper bag (which was in the car because mommy was too cool to carry it in)....so she'd have to be naked for a little while. Score one for mommy of the year...naked baby in Barnes and Nobel! I laid her on the table, stripped her down and got to work...only to notice I had one tiny little wipe.

Mommy: Layla, what happened to Adalie's wipes?
Layla: Oh, those wipes
Mommy: Yes (note, hint of impatience).
Layla: I needed them for my lambie, she had a yucky diaper.
Mommy: Great. Did you get lambie all cleaned up?
Layla: Yeah, she's clean.
Mommy: Sweet, now you can help mommy clean up your little sister.
Layla: Okay, but remember, I'm expensive so we don't want to mess me up.


So every inch of my tiny little wipe was used...as was toilet paper...as was the leg of Adalei's pants that didn't have poop all over them...to get the job done. I got her changed, got the car seat cleaned out...managed to hug Layla, who was a superstar helper--an "expensive" superstar.

We met with the couple (6.5 minutes late)..me, Layla and naked little Adalei. Layla blurted out that her sister got poop all over herself so I assured the couple that I managed to save the CD that I burned for them from the explosion. I looked down and realized that I did, however, manage to NOT save my shirt. Ya'll...I had baby bottom print on my shirt in yellow poop where I picked Adalie up trying to get her back cleaned off! Okay, so am I still hip..still professional? Sure. I think so. I told myself it probably just blended in or maybe looked like pollen? Fortunately, I was there as a photographer...so I was just being an eccentric artist and could get away with stuff like that...yeah, that sounds right :-)

The meeting went great, but I left promising myself that I would NEVER ever NEVER do such a crazy thing again--at least for the next week. More importantly, I am thankful that I have that choice. So many mommies out there don't...and my hat is off to them. I can't begin to imagine the level of stress that they feel in so many different areas.

Single, working moms...thank you thank you thank you! You guys are rockstars.


AnniePat said...

AWESOME! hahaha...

Michelle said...

oh my goodness. this was amusing and also made me really feel for you all at the same time! i should not read things like this right before I give birth, my anxiety is already high enough anticipating this major life change!!! :)

Matt Rollins said...

um... yeah. so when i said "let us know if you need anything while neil's gone". this is the sorta thing i was referring to!

Dad said...

You know what... I would hire you in a New York minute.

Beth said...

Here is the website of the dance classes. They meet in Tyro, so I don't know where you are located... it may be a bit of a drive. http://www.crossmovementdance.com

There is another Christian dance program that is in High Point called Arts Evangelica.


I know all about girls living in tutus. I have two of them. We did Sheets Dance Academy this year with our 5 year old, but after spending $50 on a cheap costume, and another $50 for a recital fee in addition to the monthly tuition... this will be our first and last year taking ballet there.

Best wishes with your ballerina!

Natasha said...

That's a great story! I have a wondeful visual picture of that meeting...:)I sure am glad Lambie was clean (he, he)...