Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's talk Oreos

It is official. Layla has now crossed into an age for which I have been anxiously awaiting. She is a walking chatter box (we all knew that) BUT she is starting to talk to random people and shares some pretty interesting things with them. Anytime she starts a sentence with, "mommy told me" or "my mommy said" or "daddy says" I feel my heart skip a beat. I am waiting for something embarrassing to slip out. But so far, so good.

ANYWAY...thought I'd share some of her latest and greatest....

(1) I had to run into CVS the other day...Adalei had gone FOUR days without pooping (thanks to a small tiny bite of banana) and Layla and I were hunting for a remedy to help her ailing sister. Layla (per her normal self dressing routine) was wearing her white patent leather dress shoes, winter socks with brown owls on them, one rainbow leg-warmer, a purple tutu, pajama top, princess tiara, headband with GIGANTIC purple flower attached, two necklaces, one glitter microphone and a wand. Yes. They looked at me funny. But not as funny as when my sweet little three year old noticed the nice wall of colorfully decorated condom boxes and blurted out, "hey mommy...remember that time that I played with those". Unfortunately my first response was, "huh"....which meant she repeated herself even louder. I never realized how (1) quiet a CVS was and (2) how much condom boxes looked like the band aid boxes she plays with. I told her she never played with those, she played with band aids. Those weren't band aids. She asked what they were. I told her band aids for grown ups. I think it worked.

(2) As I was getting her undressed/dressed for bed the other night...she informed me that she was being so agreeable to getting undressed because she was "getting kinda hot with all these clothes" and "probably needed to run around naked for a while so she could air out". Air out. Interesting.

(3) She has gotten really into riding in the BOB while I run. Its a workout, but we have some great conversation. She asked me other other day why I ran so much. I told her that it was important to exercise and eat well--that it is important to take care of our bodies. Kind of like brushing our teeth and bathing. This is the conversation that followed:

Layla: Well, what does daddy say about that?
Me: Well, hum. Daddy thinks it is important to eat healthy and exercise too.
Layla: Well...he does eat lots of Oreos. Aren't those not good for you mommy?
Me: They aren't REALLY bad. Just if you eat too many. They have lots of sugar in them.
Layla: Well, what does God say about exercising?
Me: God likes to see us take good care of our bodies. It is one of the ways that we glorify the Lord, and that's pretty important.
Layla: Glorify?
Me: Yeah. Like praising the Lord...making Him happy and stuff.
Layla: Oh. Can we not talk about that anymore? Lets talk about Oreos.

I love this age. I really do. Its alarming, embarrassing and HILARIOUS at the same time. She keeps me on my toes, for sure and makes me thankful that I don't have a potty mouth!


Unknown said...

Hahaha! That is awesome. How hilarious. I love that you're documenting this stuff so Layla can see the goofy things she said when she's older. And band-aids for grown-ups...I love it!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh, my mom and i sat here laughing ourselves to tears reading this. so cute. she sounds like such a character! i love the outfit she picked out - what a fashionista.

Unknown said...

I am pretty sure that Beth is downstairs wondering what I am laughing about right now! Lindsey, that is so so funny! I would have to agree with Layla; Oreos are much more interesting. Plus, they taste better than sweat!

Tell Neil he can set a good example to her by coming to workout every afternoon at 5pm!


Natasha said...

Yes, so thankful you don't have a potty mouth...I get the opportunity to hear all about "what mommies and daddies" say when I talk to kids at school is always interesting...

Bailey B. said...

How funny! She must be a funny little girl. See ya, Bailey B.

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