Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I was told by my friend Natasha on our walk today that I needed to update my blog :-) And she's probably right.

For all those of you who are curious--NO BABY YET! I thought she was coming this morning, but contractions are still holding steady at 10 minutes apart. I remember going through this with Layla...seemed like 24 hours straight of contractions that wouldn't get any closer than 10 minutes apart! Sheesh!

Which, I guess we are very fortunate that today--or at least this morning/afternoon is not the time. Layla has been out of sorts today--bless her little heart. She's been so weepy--Neil accused her of crying like a 13 year old girl--100% dramatic with no clue as to what starts the seemingly endless flow of tears. Poor thing...she's been quite needy for her mommy and I've been so happy to carry her around the house because I know that her time of being my one and only baby is almost up...okay, now I'm going to start crying! Neil has his hands FULL today :-)

SO, if any of you guys feel led, please say a little prayer for Layla...I'm hoping that her little sister waits until tomorrow so that we can have a fresh start and hopefully a better day!

I'll keep ya'll posted :-) I hope.


Karen Slate said...

Oh Linds, makes me weepy to read this! I will say an extra prayer for Layla, my little "sweet pea".

Neil will have his hands full with three "girls" in the house ... I will say an extra prayer for him too!

Our prayers are with you, sweetie. Looking forward to finally meeting Adalei!

Natasha said...

Thanks Lupe...I know that all your blogging buddies are thrilled to read a quick update.

It's hard to believe that Adalei is not here yet...this waiting is going to make her arrival even more special.

Considering it's 5:00am on Monday and I haven't heard anything, I'm thinking that maybe you got your wish and you are going to get to start fresh with Layla this morning. I hope she has a GREAT day - possibly the day that she will officially become a big sister.

Praying for you this AM...


Nick and Megan said...

If today's the day...good luck!! Sounds like it can't be much longer...