Friday, December 26, 2008

Whole Foods and New Jersey

Neil left this morning for New Jersey.  His uncle is getting married, so Neil and his dad drove up to New Jersey for the wedding.  I already miss him like crazy.  I think I started missing him even before he left this morning.  

Layla has been asking about him periodically today.  She expected him at breakfast and then again at dinner.  Each time, I explained to her that daddy was in New Jersey for a few days but he'd be back really soon.   She was--and probably still is--wondering who or what is New Jersey.  HA!  

Layla has really gotten into saying her prayers.  It's so sweet to see her little hands folded so tightly that her finger tips turn white.  She squints her little eyes and gets out a couple of "thank you Fathers" and some other little odds and ins.  Tonight before I put her down for bed, we were thanking God for her new fuzzy bear, new milk, new chewing gum (see a pattern...she's REALLY...I mean REALLLYYYYY into "new" things--in fact, she almost always asks me if something is "new" or "yucky"...HA!), a nice warm house, and a strong daddy....when I heard her little voice say, "tink you fowa neeeewww jersey"...and she was serious--WAY serious.  I kind of cracked my eye open and saw her little eyes squinted so tight.  Then she thanked God for Whole Foods...yep...Whole Foods?  She ended her prayers with a very satisfied, "there, all done".  I tried to slip in a request to help her with her desire to hit....but she said--sort of impatiently--"No mommy.  All done."

So sweet and innocent.  I'll try and get a picture of those little folded hands to post.  It'll melt your heart, for sure.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas...if anyone is reading this from New Jersey/Whole Foods, know that my little almost two year old really appreciates your state/company.


Natasha said...

That is so sweet Linds. That's wonderful that she is developing the good habit of talking to God everyday at such a young age. I will add on to Layla's New Jersey prayer and pray that Neil returns home safely.

See you on our run tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

I know one person in Jersey who is missing those little hands and the big hands that taught the little ones...what a wonderful family we have!

I love you darlin'

Matt Rollins said...

Hilarious... That is one sweet little girl. Hope daddy raises her well enough to know not to move to Jersey one day.